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Re:2012 Enigma

Apr 04, 2008 02:03 PM
by brian scanlon

Hi Cass,

It sounds like an interesting show. I will have to
check it out.

Some points you mentioned are collaborated or
explained, in various national/ontological versions of
the secret doctrine including: 

The Turanian Ancestral Taoist system -(a version of
the pre-Aryan/Atlantian system (Which the Aryan system
is the "Pre-Vedic system")developed and evolved by the
Turanians, teachs that the "Chakras" are actualy
united into one large Chakra, when one opens the
"Microcosmic orbit" (which is connecting the two most
important of the "8 Mysterious Vessels/Channels" and
increasing the flow of "Chi' within it) -

The Microcosmic orbit is a core component of Turanian
Alchemy, and a very very important aspect of the
Esoteric System, which is missing from many of the
surviving national branchs, and/or it was re-imported
into modern systems, during the 1600-1800's. It is
essentialy a path bisecting the body in half, along
the center line of the body.It starts on the front of
the body within the tongue,  than travels down the
chest to the groin, back to the tail bone, up the
spine, to the top of the head, ending in the roof of
the mouth, which when the tongue is placed there,
completes the "Circuit" for the Etheric/Pranic energy
to flow freely. It is Ovoid Shape, and is a
microcosmic version of the Macroscosmic "Cosmic Egg".

The most interesting point, is that when the
Microcosmic path is opened fully, the chakras unite
into one strong Chakra field. At this time true
spiritual resurection can be practised and the Male
and Female energies of the Body can be united. At this
point, the body becomes a Neutral pole, or a Laya
Center as we say in Theosophy, or Zero point.

Connections between far ranging cultures, is something
HPB proved back in the 1800's and explains in detail,
where all cultures came from and why/how they are
connected, as well as why we have so few records left.
Like usual she was called a quack by the "Greatest"
thinkers of her day, yet, most of the ideas from the
"Greatest" thinkers are now proved false and have been
thrown out in the trash, while HPBs/Mahatmas Ideas are
continualy validated. There are many Symbols found, in
as extreme far range of cultures as you can get,
proving that in fact there was a time of BEFORE the
period of "One Lip", where everyone, was of "One
Symbol" (time of the 3rd Root Race) and that Land
masses were differant, and have changed multiple

My perception of the US is that, it is the "house of
christianity", not the house of Illuminati, who were
simply a group preserving the Esoteric Doctrine in
Older times.  While I dont believe in the Illuminati,
in terms of modern use and with the fabulous modern
stories, I do percieve that "nothing is what it seems"
in the tricky world of Maya, and I Dont believe
anything the media paints as truth. I do believe that
wars are purposfuly man made and there are "people
behind the scenes", but many take this kind of idea
way way to far.

2012 - Im interested and entertained by all the odd
ball ideas people come up with on what is going to
happen 2012. People dont learn from their mistakes.
Have we forgoten Y2K all ready? Like usual Theosophy
has the explanation, IF we have the "ears to hear".

First we know that the Kali Yuga, DOESNT end in 2012,
SO, no rest for the wicked. Second, we know in 1875 a
new Cycle in the Preccesional cycle began. We are now
celestialy positioned to become influenced by the
Aquarius Star cluster. This means a complete change in
social and spiritual outlook, and in fact, along with
the Kali Yuga, changes the kind of "Spiritual
Technology" will be best, for Chelas and Adepts to
fruther along the path. And whats so very unique about
this Precessional cycle is that the position of our
equitorial plane, is aligned with that of the ecliptic
plane and the galactic plane forms a "Celestial Cross
Pattern,which only occures ruffly every 12,000 Years. 
This is of utmost importance for one reason. A change
will occur in the 5th Sub Group of the 5th Root Race,
which will take us out of the point of "The most
material", and we will officialy begin the ascending
arc, preparing for the 6th Sub Race. THis means, we
will become more spiritualy inclined, while those
unwilling to change, will be simply thrown to the
wayside, as evolutionary dead ends. Those that evolve
will be the stock base for the 6th sub racers.

We know this is an aspect of study in Esoteric
Astrology/Astronomy. As we know the astrological
Symbol for the Earth, is a mulitiple layered symbol,
which among many other meanings, represents certain
astrological Alighments. And represents this Cosmic
alighment we are approaching.

Additionaly our Solar System, is the  closest, it has
been to the galatic center, in an extremly long period
of time. SO, we are getting bathed in many differant
forms, of evolutionary force, that will be the
catalyst for change in the Aryan root race NOT
destruction or Armagedon.

As to aliens, I dont believe in SciFi stuff, though
believe that many UFOs are simply top secret US
vehicles (I say this based on real time experiance
with one, extremly close to me, and it didnt look like
it was from outer space!) and that many "sightings"
are actualy experiances with "Beings" and Forces, from
other planes. 

BUT I do believe in the fact that since 1875, when the
new Aquarian precessional cycle began,
Coincidentaly?!?!?! when HPB founded the TS, a very
unique thing started to occur, which has never before
happened. The Physical plane and the Astral plane,
have become the "Closest" that they have ever been. As
in the Barrier has begun to break down. Originaly this
was the part of the divine plane, in having these 2
lower planes/bodies/aspects combine. But since the
Atlantians corrupted and "soiled" the Astral plane,
which weve kept the ball rolling on, this posses new
dangers. A physical manefestation of this, can be seen
in 2 things. 

First the increase of Paranormal
activity/channeling/mediums, ect. None of which have
ever channeled anything other than a lower astral
being or elemental. All phenomena is either a result
of astral forces, or caused by individuals who are
developed in their Psychic/astral gifts.

And two, visitation by differant forces/beings/life
forms,Visibly, instead of simply Phenomena that many
call "UFOS", and mistake for something from Outer
space, increased after 1875, to the largest most wide
spread numbers ever.

And finaly, Population control. While I dont believe
in the Modern Illuminati, I fully percieve that we are
purposfully given chemicals that will give us things
like cancer and shorten our lives. "Side effects' are
pursposfully built into synthetic pharmaceuticals.
They purposfully hold back Cures, to keep stringing
people along. They do create sickness. They do
"Fleace" us of everything they possibly can. They pump
us with images to create fear, so we will become
better consumers seaking  "Comfort".  And dont even
get me started on Oil and the War!!

I will see if I can track this vid down and watch it


2012 Enigma 
Posted by: "Cass Silva"  
Thu Apr 3, 2008 5:33 pm (PDT) 
Call me naïve, but I think there is something in what
this person has to say. The video is long, 2 hours,
and may bleed a little at the end, but basically it

The first 30 minutes:-
Our chakras as a means to raising consciousness
without meditation. Process involves collapsing the
chakras into nested spheres, to what they call Zero
Point, the centre being the wormgate to other
The physical component we use is the pineal gland.

Connections between the Vatican ? Egypt ? multiduous
symbols of Pine Cones (which represent the pineal
gland ? as this is what the pineal gland looks like.
Also Dionysus, Buddha, Shiva are all depicted with
pine cone. The staff of the Pope has a pine cone. King
Tut shown with a pine cone suggesting that knowledge
of the pineal (symbolically represented as a pinecone)
is the knowledge of higher forces.

Very interesting segment on the real history of the
USA and how it is controlled by the British through
the Illuminati.

Second 30 minutes (for memory)
Sci Fi fans will love this ? Montauk chair and how the
Fibonnaci sequence of 13 comes into effect 21/12/2012
? to do with the pulse of the earth (and subsequently
ours) vibrating from 7.5 in 1986 to the predicted 13
in 2012, which can cause changes to our DNA.

Third 30 minutes
Discusses Codex Alimentarius and how it is the
strategic plan of the Illuminati to dessimate the
population from 6 billion to 500 million through
bovine growth hormanes, fluoridation, and
Also discusses Agenda 21 Protocol

I would be interested in getting some feedback if
anyone is interested in doing so. Also I am not
convinced about alien co-operation with earthlings
here, but the rest of what David Willcox said has much
food for thought in it.


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