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Geometry, Topological holons and Kabbalah

Apr 05, 2008 04:45 AM
by pelastration

For your consideration. ;-)

Riemann and Clifford looked how bending geometry could explain the dynamics of the 
cosmic system.  To them matter and energy are simply different types of curvature of 
Influenced by the non-Euclidean geometries of Bernhard Riemann and Nikolay 
Lobachevsky, William Kingdon Clifford presented in 1876 such idea, thus foreshadowing 
Albert Einstein's GR, who called this "deformations" of spacetime or topological defects. 
Riemann Riemann showed in 1854 - based on a crumpled paper ball - that as there are 
different kinds of lines and surfaces, so there are different kinds of space of three 
dimensions, including hidden dimensions.
IMO the basic background (substance) is a dynamic membrane that is the singularity (that 
cannot destroy or intersect itself). 
This starting hypothesis gives the possibility to show in an engineering design the 
mechanism of macro and micro entanglements. Check in this yuotube movie: 

The hard problem. Based on the same first principle of topological entanglement it's easy 
to understand how spirit and body are coupled. Mind is then the interface between spirit 
and body. See Youtube movie <>

And based on the same first principle of topological entanglement it's easy to understand 
the basic concepts behind Kabbalah. See Video-Google: 
<> .
Soon I will publish a new video about the Tree of life using this principle of entanglement, 
showing the sefirot and the 22 paths in one design. 

This approach is 100% mathematical correct. Every-thing we observe is part (a subset) of 
the larger background (One). The complexity of our dynamic reality is due to the 
progressive multi-layering in more complex holons, where the most dense holons finally 
will be called "matter".   

Best regards.

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