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Re: Theos-World Re: Off Topic- Ringing Cedars of Siberia

Oct 27, 2007 11:07 AM
by Augoeides-222

   Thanks for you reply and information. I apologize I didn't remember your country of origin. Your info was enlightening and helpful in particular the reason you assess people over there have a "reach" for the Philosophical Template of Anastasia in regard to Nature and "fair economy." The Herbal  interest and food gathering.

  Your relation about the "Mother SouL" plant is of interest do you happen to know the Botanical name of this plant? I have read in Megre's pages that the Cedar was also used for it's resonant qualities in musical instruments. Maybe the Anastasia popularity will regenerate some new Shamanic lineages in Slovenia.
  Thank you so much for your help and personal perceptions, they are very much appreciated.


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From: "Anton Rozman" <> 
Hi John,

Actually I am living in Slovenia, bordering to Austria and Italy in 
Central Europe, so most probably Konstantin, who lives in Moscow, 
will be able to tell you more about this movement. 

I just read Vladimir Megre's first two books and found his story very 
sincere and opening very interesting and optimistic perspectives. You 
will find more about his works on these two web-sites: 

In my view the movement is an appeal to revive old but ever actual 
values and principles, genuine relationship with the Nature within 
and without and to establish more fair economy. 
In former socialist countries many people are very disappointed with 
the changes in the society and economic system and are in search for 
more satisfying alternatives. 

In our country, for instance, many have retained quite pristine touch 
with the environment, spending free time in nature, gathering various 
fruits and plants, medicinal herbs, mushrooms, or cultivating small 
pieces of land. And many are discovering in this area also business 

In regard to Cedar I cannot say anything as this tree doesn't grow in 
our country, so we don't have any healing tradition connected with 
it. Our natural panacea is a small plant with an interesting name: 
mother's soul. 
But we do have a highland plateau where grows a special kind of pine-
tree which gives resonant wood for the production of musical 
instruments, but I never heard if there is any other tradition 
connected with these trees. Our shamanic tradition went extinct in 
the middle of last century because of industralization and two WW.

Thanks and best regards,

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> Anton,
> Hi, thanks for being here on the Forum. I wonder if I might ask 
a question as you are in Russia and informed. In my surfing I came 
upon Vladimir Megre and his Books about the Siberian Shaman, 
Anastasia the Shaman's daughter, and the Ringing Cedars of Siberia. I 
read he is very popular in Russia with over 10 million of his books 
sold. Are you familiar with his Books and the content? What do you 
have as your opinion if you have read his books. I see online that he 
has created a worldwide Foundation and Network. We have Cedar 
Colony's in our forests also and for decades I have had Cedar wood in 
my home. I value your informed opinion.
> Best regards,
> John
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> From: "Anton Rozman" <anton_rozman@...> 
> Marie,
> Thank you and Vonda for Judge's thoughts. A theosophical friend 
> to say that living in a theosophical way is to be attentive to find 
> oneself with the "hands in a sack". And mirrors are useful for that 
> purpose too.
> Warmest regards to both of you,
> Anton
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> >
> > Greetings friends. I am forwarding a message from Vonda Urban in 
> Chicago. Thought some of you would appreciate this.
> > Marie
> > 
> > 
> > This paper by Mr. Judge is a favorite teaching of Vonda Urban. 
> Vonda worked with Boris de Zirkhoff on researching the Collected 
> Works of HPB. She will turn 89 on December 8th and is the most 
> active and beloved teacher of theosophy in Chicago. Â She asks us 
> reflect deeply on our lives through the lens of this paper.
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