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Adept in South India?

Oct 26, 2007 06:40 PM
by M K Ramadoss

In early Theosophical literature, there is a mention of Rishi Agastya, one
of the Great Adepts
who helped the TS in the early days. He is considered to have his abode in
the South India in the Nilgiri Hills and also another place near Madras
(Chennai). It is well known that Adepts maintain their anonymity and do not
want people to find their abodes.
Several years ago, when Geoffrey Hodson took a group of students from the
School of Wisdom in Adyar to visit a well known Hindu Sanyasi who heads the
Mutt founded by the great Saint Shankaracharya, Hodson inquired about this
Adept. The Sanyasi told Hodson that the Rishi is now in the Himalayas and is
in a totally different body. He did not elaborate further.

Keeping in view the Adepts maintaining anonymity, it is quite possible that
the Great Adept may have been living in a totally unsuspecting location.
Recently I came across the fact that in a small town called Vettaikaranpudur
in South India, there is a shrine for "Azhukku" Swamiyar. Legend has it that
this swamiyar lived for several hundred years.

Swamiyar in the native Tamil language of South India refers to a Religious
Sanyasi or Monk. What is noticeable is the legend that the swamiyar lived
for several hundred years. Many times legends have a factual basis.
Obviously there may have been eyewitnesses for someone living such a long
time especially in a small town where everyone knows the residents.

So I speculate if this could be an Adept, as Adepts are known to keep their
physical bodies alive for hundreds of years. I wanted to share the above
info with theosophy enthusiasts.


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