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Theos-World Re: Off Topic- Ringing Cedars of Siberia

Oct 27, 2007 10:34 PM
by Anton Rozman

Hi John,

>Your relation about the "Mother SouL" plant is of interest do you 
happen to know the Botanical name of this plant?<

Yes, its botanical name is Thymus serpylum - wild thyme, while its 
domestic sister is Thymus vulgaris. I found a web site with very good 
information on it:

It seems that it was used as incense in old mystic rituals as it is 
now used during the mass in Roman-Catholic Church. Slovenian sources 
on "Mother's soul" say that it was used in old magic rituals and that 
it is a sort of natural antibiotic.
While searching the net I even found that on Sardegna (Italian 
Island) they call their sort of wild thyme "timo cedrato" (cedar 
thyme) - interesting, isn't it.

>Maybe the Anastasia popularity will regenerate some new Shamanic 
lineages in Slovenia.<

We have several legends on "medicine men and women", living isolated 
in the mountains region and preparing healing and magic drinks. But 
the area where they lived (and our country is really small) became 
one of the major battlefields during the WW I and was largely 
destroyed (here is an interesting web site:

But our shamanic tradition is now already to some extend revived in 
more modern form in the work of artist Marko (Mark) Pogacnik 
(Pogachnick) who created Earth Healing process named Lithopuncture. 
His work and life is well documented on these two web sites:
I am sure many will find this information very interesting. 

Best regards,

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