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Jonang Foundation

May 20, 2007 06:10 AM
by plcoles1

"As a non-profit corporation and online educational resource, we at 
Jonang Foundation work with the living Jonang tradition in order to 
support the Jonangpa inside Tibet as well as to promote understanding 
of this little-known Tibetan Buddhist tradition through research and 

The mission and vision for which Jonang Foundation was founded and 
organized is to facilitate greater preservation, documentation, 
revivification and transmission of the Jonang lineage from its 
ancient ancestors up to the living tradition; collection, 
conservation and diffusion of Jonang art and literature; translation 
of seminal Jonang historical, philosophical and contemplative Tibetan 
literary works into Western languages; development of educational 
institutions including schools, monasteries, retreat facilities and 
libraries that support the Jonang; promotion of the distinct 
intellectual, creative and spiritual Jonang heritage."


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