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Re: [Mind and Brain] Incarnation->Scientific methodology

May 20, 2007 11:38 PM
by leonmaurer


ABC theory -- since it deals primarily with the nature and geometry of the 
fractally involved higher frequency-energy metaphysical fields that came before 
the lowest frequency energy physical spacetime field was formed at the third 
fractal iteration -- makes no specific direct "'physical predictions' confirmed 
by modern science" (that, apparently, is limited to consider, observe, and 
measure only the lowest order physical fields)... 

However, ABC can -- by logical deduction, beginning with the zero-point 
singularity (ground SPACE) of relativity theory -- retrodict how such physical 
fields must be initially generated and formed.    Therefore, it's predictions, if 
any, can be indirectly related to modern scientific theories of relativity, 
quantum, string, superstring, M-brane, holographic paradigm, cosmology, 
anthropic principle, etc., and even to psychophysical and psychological theories and 
conclusions.   So, here's a list of some off the top of my head predictions of 
ABC theory in no particular order, with some not yet universally accepted, and 
others in the realm of more or less reasonable speculation:   

        1. mass-energy equivalence of matter
        2. wave-particle nature of matter
        3. gravity both attractive and repulsive
        4. gravity is fundamental and independent of strong and electroweak 
        5. mass-energy is both physical and metaphysical 
        6. all physical and metaphysical matter-energy fields are 
electrodynamic and coenergetic (inductively resonant) -- with all laws of electricity, 
harmony, etc. applying across different frequency-mass-energy orders or phases 
        7. quantum indeterminacy (although it is considered by ABC as an 
illusion of metric spacetime, due to interference by concentrated focussed attenti
on of the zero-point energy of observer at sub quantum level in Planck space) 
        8. .^. universe is determinate at all field frequency-mass-energy 
        9. multiple hyperspace dimensions 
      10. supersymmetry   
      11. space is curved (spherical or hyperspherical)
      12. matter or mass-energy is space in vibratory motion
      13. ZPE is the G-force or infinite angular momentum of zero-point spin
      14. strings are radiant matter-energy in physical space
      15.   sidereal light is a vibrating, vortically polarized, spiraling 
string of radiantly expelled physical ZPE (photon head on view)
      16. superstrings are radiant substance-energy in metaphysical or 
      17. mental (astral) light is a higher order frequency-energy vibrating, 
vortically polarized, spiraling superstring of radially expelled metaphysical 
      18. particles (leptons) are standing wave vibrational patterns of 
physical space. 
      19. microparticles (microleptons) are standing wave vibrational 
patterns of metaphysical (hyper) space
      20. branes of different qualities are spherical surfaces of initial 
primal fields through their third fractal involution
      21. all fields of consciousness are holographically interconnected with 
each other at their zero-point-instant centers of origin and poles
      22. consciousness (awareness-will) is a function of the 
zero-point-instant of ground space located everywhere in Planck space.
      23. .^. consciousness can automatically locate any point source sensory 
impulse's exact coordinates in 3D space
      24. "quantum foam" are vibrating matter-energies of hyperspace fields 
in the Planck vacuum      
      25. nonlocal consciousness, e.g., remote sense perception
      26. information of consciousness is carried as holographic interference 
patterns on electrodynamic radiant fields
      27. magnetic brain field carries processed information of consciousness
      28. holographic nature of directly perceived mind images
      29. interlinked coenergetic field relationship of visual and aural 
images directly with holographic body image
      30. universe one of infinite parallel multiverses 
      31. limiting velocity of light due to metaphysical ZPE barrier at 
zero-point crossover into astral (etheric) hyperspace fields with higher order 
frequency-energy-time relationship (event barrier of micro black hole in Planck 
      32. constant speed of light "c" due to continuous metaphysical ZPE 
field repulsion as light travels through spacetime vacuum fields without 
interference of physical ZPE fields
      33. black hole singularities 
      34. information retention in black holes 
      35. black hole singularity's origin of galaxies, stars, etc.
      36. invisible dark matter-energy spinning on two perpendicular poles of 
spherical space opposite pole of light matter energy 
      37. accelerated expansion due to dark matter-energy field's negative 
      38. quantum entanglement 
      39. ether medium of light 
      40. time and mass compaction/compression at speed of light as 
frequency-mass-energy approach near infinite zero-point spinergy barrier between 
physical and metaphysical realms
      41. dark matter-energy's repulsive gravity, due to opposite angle of 
spin on two perpendicular polar axes of spherical spacetime, is at least double 
the attractive gravity of light matter
      42. .^. continued accelerated expansion of the universe.

I'm sure there are more, but can't think of them at the moment.   All 
questions and reasonable corrections, additions or subtractions welcome.

However, considering of how today's physical sciences are continuing to 
accelerate at ever increasing leaps and bounds -- it may not be too long before 
their proven conclusions finally catch up with all of ABC's predictions   -- or 
should we, considering that it's based on a new scientific paradigm, now call 
them "retrodictions"? ;-)

Best wishes,



In a message dated 5/12/07 8:38:14 AM, writes:

> Leon,
> Could you list the physical predictions of your ABC theory that 'are 
> confirmed by modern science'?
> Thanks,
> Edgar
> On May 12, 2007, at 2:01 AM, wrote:
> > Edgar,
> >
> > The trick -- since all existence and nonexistence can be presumed, 
> > in accord with fundamental principles, to be cyclic, and everything 
> > in each manifest cycle must have its corresponding or equivalent 
> > root source in the non manifest cycle, e.g.; (1) total cosmic mass-
> > energies = pre cosmic G-force; (2) total individualized pre cosmic 
> > consciousness = unified cosmic consciousness; (3) the unity and 
> > totality of the multiplicity = the unity and totality of the 
> > singularity; etc. -- is to be able to create those multidimensional 
> > movies step by step in the minds eye, and be able to track 
> > backwards and forward, frame by frame in time, so as to be sure the 
> > end follows logically and deductively from the beginning, the 
> > beginning is entirely predictive of the end, and the end is 
> > retrodictive of the beginning.  All the rest is a piece of cake... 
> > Since current science today takes very good care of describing the 
> > physical ending that is entirely consistent with the metaphysical 
> > beginning.
> >
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