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Re: St. Germain Not an Adept

Nov 28, 2006 11:31 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

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> I mention her to say that even Leadbeatearians admit
> St. Germain as such was no Adept in his 18th century body.

It doesn't follow from this that those who aren't leadbeaterians
should think likewise.

>> "First of all, the deeds of an adept are beyond our understanding."

> This, Konstantin, is one of the gravest lies planted by CWL

We needn't to resort to works of Leadbeater for such a conclusion.
While average human beings like us are guided by lower manas,
the adepts are guided by their buddhi or even higher principle.
Blavatsky somewhere mentioned that a mahatma isn't an earthly
man but atma-buddhi-manas or somewhat like that. So it's just
logical that lower manas cannot take into consideration the
motives which drive adepts.

That's an example:

"This state of hers (HPB) is intimately connected with her
occult training in Tibet...
the seven principles in the complete human being. Now, no man
or woman, unless he be an initiate of the fifth circle, can
leave the precincts of Bod-Lhas and return back into the world
in his integral whole if I may use the expression. One at least
of his seven satellites has to remain behind for two reasons;
the first to form the necessary connecting link, the wire of
transmission the second as the safest warranter that certain
things will never be divulged. She is no exception to the rule..."
Mahatma Letters, 26.

In many other places they are preaching ethics and altruism,
and in the same time they don't trust HPB, who gave all her life
for their cause, and submit her such a degrading and despising
procedure of mortgage! Not unlike the story of Faust, if not
worse. Compared to them even Leadbeater with all his real and
ascribed sins looks almost like a saint. So if we still hold
the opinion that the ethics preached in other places isn't just
a mere hipocricy, we have to admit that their principles of
work surpass human understanding.

> Study the Mahatma Letters and you will see

Yes, I've studied them enough :)

> The theosophical movement, Konstantin, was not created for
> blind belief.

Yet there are many people who believe both in that the quoted
letter is genuine and that the mahatmas are altruistic. How is
it so? The psychical research, OOBE and spiritualism are quite
another thing. Here we can apply scientific method and find out
which assertion made in theosophical literature are true.

> You should study St. Germain's biographies by Isabel Cooper Oakley

Of course, I've read it.
Yet it doesn't mean a thing if we took into consideration the
story about picture which Blavatsky tells in "From the Caves
and Jungles of Hindostan". Unfortunately it was removed from
the abridged version of the translation which is available
online. I've heard about some other translation but I have not
checked it. From this story plainly follows that the adept
while living in the same body more than a century ago was involved
into politics. It's in chapter 30.

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