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Nov 27, 2006 07:36 PM
by Carl Ek

Update from my absence.

1. I have tried to find the first editions of Blavatsky's books, but 
I'm sorry to say that nether in the Pasadena- or the Adyar societies 
libraries here, nor in any public libraries (like the Victorian Stat 
Library, or any University library) here in Melbourne, have I funded 
any copies. And hence my private copies are in Sweden, I have not 
been able to do any comparing between those and the TC editions. 

I'm truly sorry for this.

But if any Melbournian or Victorian, read this and have private 
copies and are able to borrow them to me for a couple of day, I will 
be most happy to compare, and post the results here.

2. The copy of the EST Book of Rule that I have talked about here 
previous concerning EST vs. GD (see,
is a photocopy of an original, which is in the Archives of Dr. Erik 
Bogren of Helsingborg, Sweden. This archive is in the University 
Library in Lund, Sweden. Dr. Bogren was president of the UB Lodge in 
Helsingborg, and also the president of the EST Lodge of this city. 
He was the editor of the UB-magazine "Det Nya Seklet". This Swedish 
translation was printed in Stockholm 1931.


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