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Re: Still Russia & Ukraine

Nov 03, 2006 08:58 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Carlos,

--- In, "carlosaveline" wrote:

> In Cuba, the Adyar TS exists and has been well tolerated. 

I know. I think that one of the reason is that Catholic Church is very 
strong there, as in many countries of Latin America, and Theosophical 
Society was an inconsiderable factor comparing to the church. Another 
factor was a southern mentality which has no tendence to the strict 
rules. For example free love existed in Cuba in amount impossible for 
USSR. From the other hand, in GDR the idiologic dictate was even more 
severe than in USSR, as Germans tend to the order and follow the rules 

Another socialist country which tolerated theosophy was Yugoslavia.

> And Stalinism has more than one element in common with Nazi-Fascism

Yes, the concentration camps were first introduced in USSR, and only 
later in Nazi Germany.
The communist leaders also overscore nazis by the number of victims. 
The absolute champion was Mao, the relative champion (by percentage of 
the victims to overall population) was cambodoan dictator Pol Pot. 
Their crimes were so great that they were admitted by USSR authorities 
and regarded a deviation from the right communist line.

Some information about life of theosopists in USSR is contained in the 
following lecture:

The Russian theosophical history in beginning of 20th century and in 
exile after the revolution is briefly reviewed here:

> A question: was it only under Gorbachev that the theosophical 
movement re-started in Russia/Ukraine?

Yes; moreover, it was during the last year of his rule when he was 
actually losing the power. Nevertheless the separate underground 
groups of theosophists existed during all 20th century. I know one 
very old lady who attends our meetings when her health permits her, 
who was introduced to theosophy in 1930's.

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