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Jul 18, 2006 08:21 PM
by Cass Silva

A true theosophist, I believe, will always look for the god within the tyrant.  Even Hitler loved his dogs.

carlosaveline <> wrote:                                  Dear Mark,
 Thanks for yourviews. 
 I guess the present karmic situation -- thinking of mankind as a whole -- is such that it evokes all kinds of vibrations, good and bad. One's common sense is put to test. 
 From now up to 2012 we may have to see lots of things. Another Tsunami has just  hit Asia;  War in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Irak, Gaza Strip;  Floods killing thousands in India and China today;  Terrorist bombs exploded a few days ago in Indian trains; and so on. 
 As to Nazism, of course it is a totally crazy thing.  It is the exageration of Nationalism and Racism to the point of mass-murder, associated with a hipnotizing propaganda (and psychic suggesdtion)  which kidnaps people's ability to think for themselves. 
 All of these things are in front of us to be seen and to test our Viveka, or discernment. 
 If we can help keep part of of the theosophical movement away from slandering the Founders; away from hating Jews (or Arabs),  and from adoring Hitler, it will be something!
 Best regards,   Carlos.
 Data:Tue, 18 Jul 2006 05:39:31 -0700 (PDT)
 Assunto:Theos-World Re: Nazi Garbage
 > Re: Nazi Garbage
 > Carlos writes:
 > It's not illegal here in 
 > the US, I don't think, unless 
 > they are calling for violence. 
 > I don't know about illegal, but 
 > it is DISPICABLE !!! How anyone 
 > could go from Theosophy to 
 > Nazi-ism is beyond me. I don't 
 > like seeing it, and it may 
 > cause legal complications in 
 > some countries where theos-talk 
 > is received. (But what about the 
 > Freedom of speech issues?) And 
 > to make a hero of some nazi 
 > prison camp guard who stood by 
 > or participated in mass murders 
 > - well to do so is nuts. One 
 > should commit some form of 
 > hari-kari to prevent it going 
 > on if nothing better. Poor 
 > Frank has definitely gone over 
 > the edge, just like Hedin did 
 > perhaps. Talbot Mundy in Taves' 
 > recent biography - a former Hedin 
 > friend - remarked that he could 
 > not understand how Hedin fell for 
 > such crap.
 > - jake j.
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