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Isis Unveiled, Vol I, PREFACE -> personal pronoun WE

Jun 08, 2006 06:27 AM
by Carlos Paterson

Gmail.COM, Carlos Paterson, BR

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     In the PREFACE of "Isis Unveiled", we see:

     "  It  was  while most anxious to solve these perplexing problems
     that  we  came  into  contact with certain men, endowed with such
     mysterious  powers  and such profound knowledge that we may truly
     designate  them as the sages of the Orient. To their instructions
     we  lent  a  ready  ear. They showed us that by combining science
     with  religion,  the  existence  of  God and immortality of man's
     spirit  may  be  demonstrated  like  a problem of Euclid. For the
     first time we received the assurance that the Oriental philosophy
     has  room for no other faith than an absolute and immovable faith
     in  the  omnipotence  of  man's own immortal self. We were taught
     that this omnipotence comes from the kinship of man's spirit with
     the Universal Soul ? God! "

     Looking carefully, I perceive the following affirmations:

     (1) "...we came into..."

     (2) "...we may truly designate..."

     (3) "...we lent a ready ear..."

     (4) "...They showed us..."

     (5) "...we received the assurance..."

     Then, I would like to ask you:

    Is HPB part of the personal pronoun "WE"?

    And, if this is the case, who are the other or others?

    Thank you for all...



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