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The Aim of It

Jun 08, 2006 05:02 AM
by cardosoaveline


As to the Coulombs, Caldwell, Soloviof and Algeo, I am simply and 
fraternally sharing my viewpoints.  No one has said here that 
Solovyov and the Coulombs are more than Trojan Horses. No one shows 
any evidence that their allegations against HPB and the movement are 
true.  Why then publicize the false charges correctly abandoned by 
the SPR in 1986?  What is the purpose? 

The Coulombs at leat earned some money!

Regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline. 

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" 
<ringding777@...> wrote:
> I guess he wants to say that only he is allowed to write about 
Solovyoff, because he knows the truth.
> You don't know the truth, therefore you must shut-up your mouth.
> A member of the ULT is by membership application a holy person and 
cannot err.
> You belong not to these initiates, that's your problem.
> If you would sign their application form you were allowed to write 
about Solovyoff.
> Remember that HPB always taught: There is no TS higher than the 
> Frank
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> From: danielhcaldwell 
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> Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2006 6:19 PM
> Subject: Theos-World Carlos, what is the bottom line with you on 
this Solovyoff matter?
> Carlos, what is the bottom line with you 
> on this Solovyoff matter?
> After reading the last half dozen emails you
> posted on Solovyoff, what are you suggesting or advising
> students of Theosophy/Blavatsky to do in
> regards to Solovyoff's book and testimony?
> Are you saying that they should NOT read
> the material? That they should simply ignore it?
> And what should "real" scholars do? Totally
> disregard ALL the material in Solovyoff's book??
> Are you suggesting that a "real" scholar would
> never use any material from Solovyoff?
> What is the bottom line with you on this matter?
> Daniel
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