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Re: Theos-World The Pentagon & The World

Jun 04, 2006 07:00 PM
by leonmaurer

That's telling 'em, Cass ;-)

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> And a rubber dinghy.
> Cass
> carlosaveline <> wrote:
> Dear Friends,
> In February 2004, the magazines "The Observer", in Great Britain, and 
> "Fortune", in the U.S.A., revealed some of the main conclusions of a scientific 
> Report made by the Pentagon to the President George W. Bush.
> The report foresaw the possibility of an environmental, economical, social 
> and military worldwide disorder, between 2010 and 2015, with serious problems 
> starting from 2007. (The popular motion picture "The Day After Tomorrow" was 
> based on some of the main hypothesis ecologists and scientists contemplate 
> now.)
> Facts are facts: leading scientists and experts are having to accept an 
> obvious reality. Climatic patterns and rythms get more and more unpredictable the 
> world over. In December 2004 we saw the Asian tsunami causing thousands of 
> victims in many different countries. The whole planet earth was slightly 
> shaken by that incident, suggesting that greater events of the kind could change 
> the position of the planetary axis, a cyclic event discussed in "The Secret 
> Doctrine".
> In August 2005 the hurricane Katrina killed many and caused a great 
> devastation in the USA.
> Thousands of less spectacular events happen everyday with huge economical 
> and social costs.
> Do all this have any relationship to the change of cycle? Yes. We can be 
> reasonaly sure about that. Future events often cast their shadow over the 
> present, and a sacred Teacher wrote:
> "The approach of every new ï¿Å¨obscurationï¿Å¨ is always signalled by 
> cataclysms ï¿Å¨ of either fire or water".
> It is clear by now that the "pent-up forces" to which the 1883 prophecy 
> referred are not only "bursting out in many quarters". They are accelerating 
> their pace, too. The fact that we are facing so many different facts at the outer 
> level, all taking place at the same time, makes us think about the 
> relationship between the change of cycle and the speeding up of events.
> This outer acceleration of facts and worldly rythms should be met with inner 
> calm, personal detachment  and full attention by the truth-seeker. 
> Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline

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