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Re: Theos-World The Pentagon & The World

Jun 04, 2006 06:20 PM
by Cass Silva

And a rubber dinghy.

carlosaveline <> wrote: 
Dear Friends, 

In February 2004, the magazines "The Observer", in Great Britain, and "Fortune", in the U.S.A., revealed some of the main conclusions of a scientific Report made by the Pentagon to the President George W. Bush. 

The report foresaw the possibility of an environmental, economical, social and military worldwide disorder, between 2010 and 2015, with serious problems starting from 2007. (The popular motion picture "The Day After Tomorrow" was based on some of the main hypothesis ecologists and scientists contemplate now.) 

Facts are facts: leading scientists and experts are having to accept an obvious reality. Climatic patterns and rythms get more and more unpredictable the world over. In December 2004 we saw the Asian tsunami causing thousands of victims in many different countries. The whole planet earth was slightly shaken by that incident, suggesting that greater events of the kind could change the position of the planetary axis, a cyclic event discussed in "The Secret Doctrine".
In August 2005 the hurricane Katrina killed many and caused a great devastation in the USA. 

Thousands of less spectacular events happen everyday with huge economical and social costs. 

Do all this have any relationship to the change of cycle? Yes. We can be reasonaly sure about that. Future events often cast their shadow over the present, and a sacred Teacher wrote: 

"The approach of every new �obscuration� is always signalled by cataclysms � of either fire or water". 

It is clear by now that the "pent-up forces" to which the 1883 prophecy referred are not only "bursting out in many quarters". They are accelerating their pace, too. The fact that we are facing so many different facts at the outer level, all taking place at the same time, makes us think about the relationship between the change of cycle and the speeding up of events. 

This outer acceleration of facts and worldly rythms should be met with inner calm, personal detachment  and full attention by the truth-seeker.  

Best regards,   Carlos Cardoso Aveline 

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