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Jun 04, 2006 11:33 AM
by carlosaveline

Dear Friends,

Conflicts are inevitable in our  dualistic world.  Tamas  (inertia),  Rajas (dualistic movement), and Satwa (rythm),  are the three gunas or characteristics of the dense universe. 

Yet a warrior of the wisdom does not go around beating the first child who happens to challenge him to a "duel". 

If he did this, he would  cease to be a warrior --  nay, such a fact might even reveal that  he was never a  warrior of the wisdom,  in the first place. 

A warrior  of the wisdom is a warrior because he has a lofty goal and avoids loosing energy with unworthy or short term, personal goals. 

He knows his mind is a dangerous sword -- according to the Zen and Samurai traditions --; and he normally keeps it in that modest scabbard whose substance is made of silence, calm attention -- and a sense of duty to the Inner Good. 

Best regards,  Carlos Cardoso Aveline.  

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