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?Look at Mrs. Holloway. Do you still admire her?...?

Jun 04, 2006 11:24 AM
by danielhcaldwell

In 1885 HPB wrote to Judge:

"He [Hartmann] believes like Olcott used to and you sometimes also 
that I am usually a `shell' which becomes good for something only 
when some one else enters it. Believe what you please. But know that 
I am ever faithful to my friends & remain grateful for the little 
they may do for me even when they become enemies. Oh gods what a 
dirty world what false people!" 

"Look at Mrs. Holloway. Do you still admire her?..."

Quoted from:

Judge replied:

"What I wrote about to Hartmann is [concerning] a ridiculous message 
about Holloway which if it emanated from a Mahatma showed lack of 
knowledge to say the least.  But let us drop that?."

"As for L.C. Holloway enough said.  I have not seen her since I came 
back except to deliver a pair of [drawers?] Miss Arundale bought her 
in London.  She does not like me?."

Then in 1886, H.P.B. wrote her estimation of Mrs. Holloway to Mr. 

"...The first bomb-shell from the Dugpa world came from America; you
welcomed and warmed it in your own breast. . . . The Dugpa element
triumphed fully at one time -- why? because you believed in one
[Laura Holloway] who was sent by the opposing powers for the
destruction of the [Theosophical] Society and permitted to act as
she and others did by the 'higher powers,' as you call them, whose
duty it was not to interfere in the great probation save at the last
moment. To this day you are unable to say what was true, what
false...." The Mahatma Letters, No. 141.


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