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Re: Theos-World problems with the Narada Lodge - preserving texts

Nov 21, 2005 02:11 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Anton,
thank you for your response.

>Maybe the only way to represent and preserve 
>old and rare
theosophical texts is to scan them and put 
them online.

May be, may be not.
I hope that in 200 years the people have 
still computers and can read HTML-files!

>If you can spent some time for this purpose 
>please contact me.

>From all my problems time is my biggest 
And before scanning the books I need to find 
them before. But where?
I search since 15 years many hours each day 
and have found something, but the most titles 
are not to find, or, in cases, where I have 
identified individual theosophists or 
relatives of them, which own unique books or 
manuscripts, it is nearly impossible to get 
it from them, as it is commonly believed here 
that these books and the knowledge therein is 
for them only and top secret (the Subba Row 

I also have not enough time and skills to 
manage a homepage.
I am busy enough with my private email 
What do you think what strange people phone 
or email due to it?
Today someone phoned me the second time 
asking for the address of a Master in India!
Yesterday another one emailed me that Crowley 
was a higher occultist than HPB!
Perhaps I should engage a secretary!



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