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Re: - preserving texts

Nov 22, 2005 00:06 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear Frank,

You wrote:
>before scanning the books I need to find them<

Well, to begin with, I have Robert Froebe's 1899 translation of the 
Secret Doctrine arranged by Franz Hartmann, his Die Weisse und 
Schwarze Magie, and so on.

>I also have not enough time and skills to manage a homepage.<

I was in a same position last year. Now the Slovenian theosopical 
website has about 120 visits per day  in a country with 2 millions 
citizens! So, this information is more than needed and with the 
collaboration all the problems can be solved.

Warmest regards,

--- In, "Frank Reitemeyer" <ringding@o...> 
> Hi Anton,
> thank you for your response.
> >Maybe the only way to represent and preserve 
> >old and rare
> theosophical texts is to scan them and put 
> them online.
> May be, may be not.
> I hope that in 200 years the people have 
> still computers and can read HTML-files!
> >If you can spent some time for this purpose 
> >please contact me.
> From all my problems time is my biggest 
> problem!
> And before scanning the books I need to find 
> them before. But where?
> I search since 15 years many hours each day 
> and have found something, but the most titles 
> are not to find, or, in cases, where I have 
> identified individual theosophists or 
> relatives of them, which own unique books or 
> manuscripts, it is nearly impossible to get 
> it from them, as it is commonly believed here 
> that these books and the knowledge therein is 
> for them only and top secret (the Subba Row 
> complex?)
> I also have not enough time and skills to 
> manage a homepage.
> I am busy enough with my private email 
> distribution.
> What do you think what strange people phone 
> or email due to it?
> Today someone phoned me the second time 
> asking for the address of a Master in India!
> Yesterday another one emailed me that Crowley 
> was a higher occultist than HPB!
> Perhaps I should engage a secretary!
> Best,
> Frank

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