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Re: Theos-World problems with the Narada Lodge (reply to Doss)

Nov 20, 2005 04:25 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=> As an example, when TS was launched, HPB, 
HSO and Judge and others were in
their prime of life and not old second career 

Well said, Doss. In Germany young people 
(under 60) are hated and unwanted.
The exception is emotional women who can 
admire, weep, shout and ask no questions and 
do not think (including the counterparts in 
male bodies).

But age alone is not the problem (at least in 
The bigger problem with most of the officials 
is that they cannot think and do not live in 
this world.
Many are crazy in the medical sense 

So the crazy ones and the stupid ones from 
the sub classes make the majority.
They do not want to learn, to study, to take 
the paramitas seriously.
What they attract is to get a post, to get 
good karma (by attending the meetings!) and 
blind worship.
The result of this fools paradise is that 
over 90% in what those Theosophists believe 
has no basis on HPB!


It is also fitting to
remember today Nov 17, all those pioneers who 
gave their sweat and blood to
build the TS and all our gratitude should go 
to them and I am sure many will
join me in this.
>> 11/17/05, kpauljohnson 
<> wrote:

> Dear Doss,
> Thanks for the link. I skimmed it but can't 
> say I got much out of it;
> will print and read at home later. Can it 
> be said that one faction was
> specifically Theosophical? I know Joy Mills 
> of course but the rest of
> the names are unfamiliar.
> And thanks for mentioning the Dutch 
> situation, but it's news to me.
> Was it discussed on theos-talk? Can you 
> clue us in a bit on what the
> suit was about?
> Cheers,
> Paul

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