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Re: Theos-World problems with the Narada Lodge (reply to Doss)

Nov 17, 2005 11:20 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Dear Paul:
When you see the name of any present or past office bearer of TS, it should
tell you who belongs to what faction. In the co-masonic case, Bressler is a
resident of Krotona and I think Voirol is currently residing in Krotona. In
all these litigations, the underlying issue is not the spiritual issues;
they are money and property.
As for the Dutch Section litigation, you may find some msgs either here or
at theos-l archive and TS(Adyar) faction lost the case in the courts and the
issue is now closed.
It is my personal belief that the TS Organization is now in shrinking mode
and will not be surprised if the membership has dropped.
I have always felt you can identify an upcoming vigorous organization by
looking at the leadership which tend to be young or middle aged.
When you find old and retired leaders taking up leadership, possibly as a
second or third carrier, then the organization is more likely to be in a
maintenance and/or downward mode.
As an example, when TS was launched, HPB, HSO and Judge and others were in
their prime of life and not old second career people. It is also fitting to
remember today Nov 17, all those pioneers who gave their sweat and blood to
build the TS and all our gratitude should go to them and I am sure many will
join me in this.
>> 11/17/05, kpauljohnson <> wrote:

> Dear Doss,
> Thanks for the link. I skimmed it but can't say I got much out of it;
> will print and read at home later. Can it be said that one faction was
> specifically Theosophical? I know Joy Mills of course but the rest of
> the names are unfamiliar.
> And thanks for mentioning the Dutch situation, but it's news to me.
> Was it discussed on theos-talk? Can you clue us in a bit on what the
> suit was about?
> Cheers,
> Paul

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