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Spiritual Inquiries: The Physical and the Spiritual Atom (Part 2 of 2)

Nov 11, 2005 10:29 PM
by saidevo

So we know the atom, the quark or triad, the Anu (as the UPA)
and the ParamAnu. But how did the yogi and the scientist get 
their information on the atom?

In his book "Essentials of Occult Chemistry and Modern Science",
H.J. Arnikar explains the methods the scientists and the yogis 
use in their researches.

The wavelength of violet light is approx. 3 x 10^-7 metres.
The size of the smallest particle that the human physical eye 
can see cannot be less than this size. An atom has a diameter 
of 10^-10 meters, a thousand times smaller.

So how did man learn so much about the invisible atom? 
The scientist and the yogi follows two diverse paths.

In our discussions below, we use the term ATOM for the atom of 
Science, TRIAD or QUARK for the first level subatomic particle, 
Anu (UPA - Ultimate Physical Atom) for the last-level subatomic 
particle, and, finally, ParamAnu or bubble for the ultimate 
particle of all planes.

The Methods of Science
The scientist learns about the atom by virtually torturing it.

Even with the most powerful electron microscope, the atom 
appears as just a speck of light when projected on a screen. 
So the scientist pushes it into a highly excited state. 
By white heat, blinding light, with super-high electric fields.

The application of a massive external force makes the atom 
run about at fantastic speeds. The intense magnetic fields 
generated force the atom into highly twisted curved paths,
spinning and revolving in abnormal ways.

And then the scientist lets the atom cool down, and come back 
to its ground state. Like a captive undergoing the third degree 
torture, the atom spills its beans. And the scientist learns. 

The Methods of Occultists
The yogi and the occultist object to doing violence to the atom, 
because they know that the divine life force inheres in it. 

They argue that the information obtained from an atom in a 
violently excited state may not be valid for the atoms in the 
normal, tranquil ground state.

Therefore a yogi (we also include an occultist in this term)
uses the yoga techniques of Patanjali, arduously practiced 
by him/her under the guidance of a Guru over long periods.

The blessings of the Guru grant the yogi the siddhis. 
Anima siddhi in particular. What is this Anima siddhi?

The Anima siddhi is the psychic ability to reduce human 
consciousness as small as the human chooses. When the yogi 
who has this power diminishes himself in consciousness to a 
size to match the atom, the atom becomes visible to him!

The yogi then sees the world inside the atom. 
In all its detail, beauty and glory. 
And he studies the atom for whatever he needs. 

Westerners had some misconceptions about the Anima siddhi. 
They found the idea to reduce oneself (in consciousness) 
to a small size impossible to imagine, so they thought that 
the Anima siddhi magnified the atom to the desired level.

It is not so. A yogi who can use the Anima siddhi, diminishes, 
not his body, but his consciousness to the level desired. In the 
case of an atom, both the yogi and the atom retain their sizes. 

And the yogi can enter into and out of the Anima state at will. 
Even when in the Anima state, the yogi retains his normal 
physical faculties. This means that from the Anima state he can 
talk normally and discuss his findings with the people around!

The Atom Model of the Occultists
Annie Besant and Leadbeater, using their clairvoyant powers, 
studied and mapped the atomic structure of practically all the 
elements known and a number of compounds.

The Hydrogen atom, the simplest of all, with a single proton 
and a single electron around it, under the clairvoyant view, 
reveals a proton in its nucleus containing three triads 
(quarks), with each triad further having three numbers of the 
Anu (UPAs --Ultimate Physical Atoms). 

So the Hydrogen atom has 9 UPAs. 
The UPAs in other atoms are normally in multiples of 9.

The actual shape of the Anu (UPA) is roughly spherical, slightly
flattened, with a depression at the point where the force or 
energy flows in, causing a heart-shaped form. The Anu is spinning 
or pulsating as if it is breathing.

Each Anu (UPA) is composed of ten coils arranged laterally, 
but without touching one another. Each coil is itself a spiral 
having 1,680 turns or spirilla. And these spirilla are dotted 
with bubbles, the ParamAnu. Around 14 million bubbles in an atom 
of the physical plane.

Each atom is surrounded by a field formed of the atomic particles 
of the higher planes, which surround and interpenetrate it.

Arrangement of the UPAs (Anu), quarks (triad) and bubbles 
in coils of spirillae give external shapes to the nucleus of
the atoms of different elements. Typical shapes observed are: 
Dumb-bell, Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Bars, and Star. 

Using the will-power to create or change objects is called 
psychokinesis in modern parapsychoanalysis. Lester Smith in his 
book "Occult Chemistry Re-evaluated" states that Bishop Leadbeater
used to perform before a circle of friends the feat of changing 
one substance to another, transmuting it using will-power. 

Leadbeater had a dual religious membership: He was a Christian 
Bishop, but he became a member of the Buddhism also during one 
of his visits to Tibet. The Tibetan masters forbid him against 
such demonstrations as of no value.

Other terms used for the psychic ability to see through matter 
are clairvoyance, extrasensory perception (ESP) and micropsi.

Scientists Favouring Occult Researches
Some of the top ranking scientists have accepted the essentials 
of Occult Chemistry and positively contributed to its growth.

Dr. Stephen M. Phillips (UK/USA)
The foremost among the scientists who found the resemblances 
between the findings of Science and Occult Chemistry fascinating.
It was Dr. Phillips who determined that the positive quark had 
a charge of +2/3e and the negative, -1/3 e. He further deduced 
that the postive Anu had a charge of 5/9e and the negative, -4/9e. 

Dr. Philips is said to be currently researching in colloboration
with a revered Buddhist occultist in Canada about the superstring 
structure of the electron.

Dr. E.Lester Smith (UK) is working to reconcile the findings of 
Science and Occult Chemistry and arrive at a whole picture.

Dr. Ronald Cowen (Canada) is colloborating with Dr. Phillips 
in the study of electron using clairvoyance.

Dr. Mahadeva Srinivasan (India), Associate Director of Physics 
Group of the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Bombay, has written 
a seires of three articles published by The Hindu in 1994. 
In these articles he has stressed the importance of quantitative 
resemblance of the findings of Occult Chemistry and Science, 
though the occult methods are not intelligible to scientists.
He is popular for his lectures on this and other subjects of 
science in India and abroad.

So, where are we going, as a humanity? 
We talk about holistic medicine and holistic healthcare, 
by the integrated use of the medicines of allopathy, ayurvedic, 
homeopathy and other medical disciplines. Why not a holistic 
Science that integrates Science, philosophy, occultism and 

Let us hope that Dr. Phillips' pioneering work in using yoga 
for Science will be a trend-setter. There is so much Science 
in Spirituality that Science cannot afford to ignore anymore.

1. The Project Gutenberg eBook, Occult Chemistry, 
by Annie Besant and Charles W. Leadbeater,
download at:

2. Essentials of Occult Chemistry and Modern Science
by H.J.Arnikar, The Theosophical Publishing House,
Adyar, Chennai.

If the Anu and ParamAnu build this physical plane, how are 
the other planes of Nature built? And what do they contain?
We shall think about these topics in the forthcoming postings.

-- Anoranukkaniyan, Mahitho Mahiyan!


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