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RE: Zakk on "Original Theosophy" vs. "MODERN THEOSOPHY"

Oct 16, 2005 05:55 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

10/16/2005 5:04 PM

RE: Zakk on "Original Theosophy" vs. "MODERN THEOSOPHY"

Dear Friend:

Thanks for the definitions.

Please help: --

To make time short, is it possible to give the SOURCES of those quotes in
MAHATMA LETTERS or elsewhere ?

I always like to go back to the context and see why and when such words were



-----Original Message-----
From: Zakk 	
Subject: Re: Zakk on "Original Theosophy"

> Zakk,
In reference to what you write under the
above title of "Original Theosophy", please 
note what follows.
The Mahatma Koot Hoomi wrote on the origin of modern
"Theosophy is no new candidate for the world's
attention, but only the restatement of principles
which have been recognised from the very infancy of


"Origin of modern theosophy" is not seen in his writing.

Perhaps there is an example that may be given under 
the subject "origin of modern theosophy" by KH.
KH seems to be saying the opposite of what you propose.

Theosophy is not modern, but ancient. During different
time periods and different cultures, theosophy has been
presented / expressed by various masters in various 
manners, terminology, and formats.

But the same Master also emphasized:
". . . We have broken the silence of centuries . . . .


This refers to one set of lineage. HPB speaks of many that
exist. There are Masters that are not of any particular
lineage as well. Theosophy (divine wisdom) does not
belong to any one or group of individuals. HPB states this
as well. 

That a particular lineage did not speak openly 
for a few centuries has no bearing on the existence, 
recognition, and presenting of theosophy throughout all 
eras and time periods. 

The understanding and presenting 
of theosophy throughout the time periods is also stated in 
the material presented by HPB. It would seem that simple 
logic would understand this, without a need for a particular
individual to state it, in order for it to be recognized.

". . . Our [esoteric and theosophical] doctrine . . .
is now being partially taught to Europeans for the
first time." 


Note the term "our". Other lineages and masters have
presented theosophy as well. The implication that seems
to be coming forth here is that only a few masters of a
certain lineage have understandings of theosophy (divine
wisdom). Does this seem sensible?


". . . Let it be known that your Society['s] . . . 
chief aim is to extirpate current superstitions and
skepticism, and, from long sealed ancient fountains
to draw the proof that man may shape his own future
destiny, and know for a certainty that he can live
hereafter, if he only wills; and that all 'phenomena'
are but manifestations of natural law, to try to
comprehend which is the duty of every intelligent


Many societies presently, and in the past, have the
same description. 

The attempt of a society or group 
to say "this is the only true" is a common one. 
It is not seen where masters do this, but is a product
of the student. This has been the downfall of many a
movement and a cause for the separation of many
fellow beings. 

Comment : As stated previously, the issue presented
involved the manner in which the term "original theosophy"
is sometimes utilized. The issue has nothing to do with 
HPB or the material that she presented. The presented
perspective on the usage of the term original theosophy 
is that may not be utilized in an accurate manner. It is not 
seen where any writings of the past in which has been 
presented is relevant to the subject. 

Note : Upon viewing the site proposed on "modern theosophy",
it has been observed that the original texts have been changed. 
A {modern} has been placed in front of the term theosophy 
in various places. It would seem that if the masters, or HPB, or
whoever it may be, wished to have stated "modern theosophy"
versus "theosophy", they would have done so. It is not clearly
understood why the original texts are not presented in their 
original format.

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