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Re: Theos-World Looking for God - re Cass' questions

Oct 16, 2005 05:26 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 04/18/05 5:30:59 AM, writes:

<<LM earlier>
>Therefore, it's easy to consider that there may be individual "lives" 
>to the astral, and even the mental and akashic realms, that cannot examine
>or observe anything outside of their own hyperspace dimension -- which
>is as real to them as this one is to us.>>
>Leon, are you saying that our astral and mental bodies have an existence
>co-existent with the physical? And that, if so, we have no memory of it
>because our physical consciousness is closed to the astral and mental

LM: Yes, these "fields of consciousness" are our seven fold natures that are 
coadunate but not consubstantial -- meaning they are of varied substantiality, 
or frequency-mass-energy, and exist simultaneously with each other but in a 
different dimension of absolute or fundamental space. Therefore, they areNOT 
closed to our consciousness (awareness-will). If that were the case how 
could we be conscious of our thoughts, or experience sensory images such as 
vision, smell, taste, thought, etc. -- whose vibrational patterns are in the astral 
or mental realm? All the dimensions of our inner nature are available for 
our consciousness (which has a separate existence than the fields themselves) 
to experience.   

Thus we cannot say there is such a thing as a "physical consciousness" that 
is different from an astral or mental consciousness. Wherever we center our 
consciousness, so as to perceive these fields and their images, whether astral 
sensory, mental thought, or spiritual bliss, however, is strictly up to us -- 
whether intentionally or instinctively -- depending on our intent or will, as 
well as study, occult knowledge and yogic practice in this and previous lives. 
(Incidentally, "occult knowledge" means only that knowledge known to us due 
to our own inner experience -- that us not available to anyone else, except 
through their own inner experience.)       

<<LM>Our zero-point of individual Self consciousness, can be isolated from 
>the senses and thus can experience these dimensions directly. In fact, every
>time we think abstractly, concentrate our attention one pointedly, imagine,
>or dream -- our consciousness is focussed within one of these hyperspace
>C: Yes, I have experienced this, and at the moment of awareness, it vanishes
>spontaneously. When you say hyperspace dimensions, what do you mean in
>regard to our bodies?

LM: I mean, as said above, the "coadunate but not consubstantial fields of 
consciousness" spoken of in theosophy that constitute our seven fold nature.   
In other words, these fields all interpenetrate each other as well as the 
physical body, each in a different frequency/energy phase order or "dimension" of 
hyperspace -- i.e., beyond our ordinary visible and touchable, or otherwise 
physically sensed, 3-D space-time continuum. Of course, whatever we do sense of 
it is always indirectly -- since it's only the inner reflection of the 
physical energies that we actually experience in our consciousness. Thus, these 
inner fields of consciousness are in that aspect of Absolute space science calls 
"hyperspace." And each field has it's own analogous and corresponding inner e
ye or inner ear, etc., that is particular to the zero-point center of 
awareness/will of each such inner field of consciousness.

<<LM>Starting from the origin of the Cosmos, and extending down to the 
>particle/waves such as, photons, quarks, and finally, the physical “strings”

>that the scientific theory of Superstrings postulate–but can't directly
>observe or measure. This, of course, doesn't rule out the theosophical
>view that there are non-dimensional (from our point of view) "strings"
>(or rays of energy) that make up the composition of each hyperspace field
>extending as far out to the first triune spiritual fields that formed the
>present Cosmos as it exploded out of its primal singularity (which still
>remains infinitely divisible). ... Since, all these fields must originate
>at a common zero-point, this is the basis of assuming that each individual
>human consciousness is simply a zero-point of awareness (at the source
>and center of its triune Monad) reflecting directly from, and entangled
>with the initial zero-point of initial Cosmic awareness.>>
>C: Is my zero point of awareness omniscient and omnipotent? Is there a 
>for this single zero point of awareness in my heart centre to create 

LM: Potential, yes. But not practicable until you "realize" your self as 
being one with the pre Cosmic Zero-point and thereby become it. Then you will 
have the knowledge and wisdom to create whatever you desire or will into 
existence. But before that, you, as an individual reflection or ray of that 
zero-point, have to become "enlightened" and learn the nature of the siddhis and 
other psychic, or so called "magical" powers latent in Man -- by continued 
practice of mind control and self examination through the mental processes taught, 
e.g., by Patanjali in his *Yoga Aphorisms* in conjunction with the *Voice of the 
Silence* coupled with the different levels of occult knowledge gained from 
study of the *Secret Doctrine*, the *Bhagavad Gita*, and writings of all the 
Ancient Masters, etc.

<<LM>: Since, physically, we are all essentially, made up out of light, and 
>hyperspace field has its own limiting light velocity, 
>C: So, astral has its corresponding light velocity, mental has its 
>light velocity, etc., etc.?. 

L: Yes, since all their vibrational energy spectrums, while at different 
levels of hyperspace and of different phase orders or higher octaves, are all 
analogous and corresponding and harmonically resonant with each other -- i.e., the 
"law of cycles" is universal. Thus, a vibration generated on the physical 
level is resonantly and inductively reflected analogously on each higher octave 
level -- just as striking the low G string on a Bass fiddle resonates with 
and vibrates the same note on the high G string of a nearby violin. This 
transfer of energy reaches all the way into the highest level of spiritual 
vibrations beyond our seven fold nature (up to the "spinergy" of our individual 
zero-point itself that is part of the akashic record) ... That continues onour 
level of human consciousness from one lifetime to the next, and on the cosmic and 
universal levels from one manvantara to the next... Thus, accounting for the 
"akashic record" of our "skandas" that retains the memory of every 
action-reaction throughout all our lifetimes, as well as that of the cosmosand universe
... To, thus, maintain ours and their eternal sattvic balance of karma. 

<<LM> it’s perfectly natural that when we approach that limit, bothsidereal
>time and 3-D space come to an end for us. But, since our center of 
>is separate from this physicality, that doesn't preclude our continued
>conscious existence on any one or more of the higher levels of our being
>or, at least (as long as this universe exists) in our individual monad.>>
>C: But are we conscious of existence outside of ourselves at the same time
>as existence within the corpus.

LM: That depends on what level of consciousness you are on at any particular 
time. At the highest spiritual level of self consciousness, looking from the 
inside out, all other levels are within its scope of awareness -- since all 
inner fields involve within and owe their existence to the spiritual or Atma 
field that surrounds the Monad. As for the existence's outside our body we can 
simultaneously be conscious of them as reflections in the inner fields of 
consciousness. Thus, when we see a star we are actually conscious of it inside 
our astral field of mind. At the same time we can be conscious of an itch 
that causes us to scratch it. :) Although, since the mind can focus on only 
one thought at a time, we really are conscious of such inner and outer things 
sequentially, but such sequence may be so fast that it may appear as if they 
were occurring at the same moment.   

<<LM>Therefore, to deny the existence of the zero-point outside of all time
>and space, and the infinite fractal iterations of its expanding and 
>spinergy is to deny the existence of this whole physical universe, as well
>as our own existence.>>
>The zero point in my heart centre is able to function multi dimensionally.
> Wouldn't that make me some sort of a medium?

LM: I don't understand this question. What do you see as your "heart 
centre"? Actually, I think there is some sort of confusion between the heart center 
and the center of our entire seven fold field nature or spiritual center -- 
which is in the naval. That zero-point is our center of self consciousness.   
(See: All other 
inner fields have their own centers at the various chakra points. Therefore, one 
is only a "medium" if she use the powers of inner or higher field 
consciousness and will to perform some sort of magic or to relay gathered information to 
others. What you learn or experience for yourself at higher levels of 
consciousness makes you a prospective chela or adept, not a medium, unless you 
choose to act as a go between under the guidance of other beings at higher levels 
of consciousness.   

>The ‘spinergy’ is the spin energy of the zero point sphere, and its 
>modification of the Eternal Ceaseless Breath, all around a point of ‘
>emptiness.’ Mr. Maurer’s work will be explored in considerably more 
>in our continuing adventures into the mysteries of consciousness and 
>creation, in Book III of this series: "Monads in Hyperspace."
>Are you saying that absolute emptiness is God. Is that as far as a 
>we can reach with our limited brain?

LM: I hesitate to refer any of this to God, since it is a term much 
misinterpreted. But if you mean that the Absolute "emptiness" (of form, but not 
necessarily of abstract motion) can be considered as the divine source of 
everything... Then, Yes.

>Sorry to continual ask what must seem like the same questions, but I need
>to hear it over and over until I can assimilate it properly. Perhaps,
>as you posted, this, like the Stanzas should be sung.

LM: I don't know about being "sung" ... But, it does help to read any 
metaphysical or occult information out loud -- since hearing goes much deeper into 
one's psyche and its intuitive memory than vision does. Words read have to be 
interpreted by the brain with reference to perceptive memory and previous 
later life conditioning, while hearing words in context goes directly to the 
intuitive learning center of spoken language -- which is learned much earlier than 
reading and relates directly to our archetypal memory of language learned in 
past lives before written language was available outside the inner circle of 
occultists. (And all those early written languages, based on oral teachings, 
were meant to be chanted -- since proper inflection is very important in 
understanding the different meanings of words used in variable contexts.)
>I also was told many years ago, that our evolution could take us to become,
>ourselves, stars, gods of the universe (I realise in millions, perhaps
>trillions of years). Do you think there is sexual attraction in the 
>understanding, between certain stars, or between certain stars and humans?
> I suppose I am asking, what is the function of a Star?

LM: I don't know what reference sexual attraction has to stars. Sexuality 
only comes about after the earliest rounds and races that are either self 
generative by cellular division, or androgynous. Stars come much before that, and 
have no relationship to phallic concepts. Their apparent function is to 
father planets and supply the fundamental energy of life wherever possible in the 

Best wishes,


>Regards Cass

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