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Re: Theos-World What is Theosophy? Answers....

May 13, 2005 01:23 PM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dear Sufilight,

What do you man by "phallic tendancies"?


M. Sufilight wrote:

Hallo all,

My views are:

A few words.

I would say, that Theosophy and the many offshoots using
what can be called Theosophical terminology
have turned their backs very much upon Blavatsky - in the sense, that
most of them have - phallic tendencies these days.

The Alice A. Bailey teachings contains a too relaxed view upon the phallic issue.
The teachings heavy use of phallic words - creates an unhealthy atmosphere,
which in fact can be said to be nothing but a hidden support of same tendencies among
the Christians.

TS Adyar cannot today, say that they themselves have no tendencies in that direction,
because of their strange affiliation with the Liberal Catholic Church, which
certainly contain phallic elements.

Other theosophical groups very relaxed behaviour towards this issue -
is quite a surprise and shows, that it appearntly n ot been given
priority at all.

What is needed is a clear stance on these matters,
so that theosophy is not drifting more and more into a kind of Alice A. Bailey teaching
with phallic tendencies.
The Bailey teachings have as we know the majority of theosophical terminology followers these days.

I am in a hurry.
Have to run.

M. Sufilight

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Jerry: you wrote:

Dear Nigel, Perry and all

Perry writes:

Another question maybe is it anybodies role to disallow any
information or writer from being in a theosophical library even if
that information is known to be questionable?

I think there are two questions implied here. 1) Whether or not an
is appropriate for a Theosophical library 2) Whether it is practical
include a certain item in a Theosophical library. The first question
concerns one's view of what constitutes Theosophy. The second, is a
matter of space.

Personally, if you showed me a random issue of Penthouse magazine, I
would probably find something in it which is (I believe)
relevant. But, the reality of the matter is that every library has
space limitations. Therefore, specialty library collections, as a
matter of practicality, has to set limits and priorities based upon
their overall understanding of what Theosophy is.


Dear Jerry
Thank you for your posting.
The issue of space is certainly of concern for a small organisation
such as ours, although I would not wish to use this as an excuse for
refusing certain books.

For me, your last sentence raises surely the most thorny of all
questions for Theosophical students.

There are many and varied perspectives as to "what is Theosophy"
which includes "what is theosophy."
I spent no end of time with many others attempting to define these,
in committee meetings,Lodge and National discussion groups over a
period of eighteen years. I understand you have done the same, only
for many more years.

From my current perspective, and perhaps from mine alone, there are a
number of matters which deserve consideration.

As understood by me, the general Theosophical, informational system
of Madame Blavatsky and her Mahatmas was never intended to become
belief based. If only, but not only, by virtue of the enormous
number of references HPB used in Isis Unveiled and the Secret
Doctrine alone, and her tangential writing style, it appears she
often used a specific technique which was attempting to broaden and
keep ever open our minds and hearts. It seems this was in part to
avoid the creation of dogmas which might hopefully contribute towards
an ever increasing depth of understanding of the truths and mysteries
of existence.
For me, their Theosophical information was never intended to contain
the final word or words, to be learned, remembered and regurgitated
in an authoritarian manner, thereby contributing to
dominant, "knowledgeable" leaders and compliant followers.
Unfortunately, numerous later writers and leaders wrote and acted in
such a manner as to establish themselves as authorities and who
additionally either subtly or not so subtly insisted on obedience and

Secondly, HPB and her Mahatmas' wrote about a system which
demonstrated a vast, impersonal cosmogonical and cosmological scheme
of infinite complexity, where Reality was considered "unthinkable and
unspeakable" by our limited mind.
For me, this system and the approach of its exposure was part of an
occult process which was often not accepted by certain later writers
and students who apparently preferred a more simplified, absolutist
approach with definitive, anthropomorphised cosmic and solar
identities and, furthermore, who usually insisted that a + b always
equalled c.

Finally, although not exhaustively, some of the later writers who
claimed to be representing the Theosophical information of HPB and
her Mahatmas were dramatically misrepresenting and contradicting it
in many areas. This strikes me as being highly dishonourable.
Disagreement and challenge were encouraged by HPB, but to dishonour
her and her teachers' writings through wilful misrepresentation is

These are some of the contributing factors which I consider when
determining whether certain literature is the authentic Theosophical
information of HPB and her Mahatmas or whether they might come under
the much broader heading of theosophy.

Whether Theosophy is authentic theosophy is for each to decide for
Whether HPB and her teachers are accurate, or at least more accurate
than not with their information, is also for each to decide.

From my perspective HPB and her teachers have presented a system of
occult knowledge and a systematised approach to its dissemination and
verification as far as is possible, which satisfies my Freedom
loving, ever inquiring heart and mind, my sense of justice and
fairness and my "common" sense.
Up to now for me, certain others have not.

Best wishes

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