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Re: Theos-World transfusions

Dec 20, 2004 06:25 PM
by Cass Silva

Dear Bee
Nice to have someone else from "downunder" on board. I read your piece of GdP, and you have succinctly put his interpretations together in terms of common sense understanding. Instead of looking at it as good or bad karma,(punishment or reward) The Sufi teaching says that "because our tendency is towards idealization that causes us to name as punishment and reward what is simply the outcome of our actions. Good cannot be the outcome of evil, neither can evil be the outcome of good. If we look down deeper within ourselves, we shall find that our deeds have a great effect on our inner being, and react and manifest on the surface as (what we see as) good or bad results. This explains right and wrong, good and evil. In other words, our body, mind, and heart, the factor of feelings, react on each other. If the body controls the mind, or the mind the feelings, the result is bad, for it is the lower plane having a control over the highter plane of existence. On the other hand, when
the heart controls the mind, and the mind, the body, the result can only be good, as the higher self then has control over the lower self." 
There are natural results of every action, but aren't they just "results" without labelling them "good" or "bad". I have found that within every good deed, there is always some bad effect. And with every bad deed there is always some good effect. If we do not take the results on board and just accept "What is, is", then we do not see things as good or bad, but act from our own conscience that it "was the right (good) thing to do for me." Whatever the result doesnt change what was the right thing to do- even if it was the right thing to do "at that time". 

So, regarding organ transplants, I feel that if it is the right thing to do (for me) (at this time - this incarnation) then I should do it. If, on the other hand, I feel that it is not the right thing to do (for me) (at this time) then I should not do it. Our motives should be very clear, if they are, whatever the results I must live with it. 
Just waffling now, so will sign off

Bee Brown <> wrote:

I have been following this discussion with much interest.
There is also the dimension of the life atoms to be considered. I have been
studying them for a long time now, trying to fit them into the scheme of
things I understand it.
As I understand the idea from my study, we all have our own life atoms that
we attract back when we come into incarnation. It is them that attach to the
pattern of the physical in the astral and begin the process of building up
the atoms, cells etc that become the physical body. this also applies to all
other planes of being as far as I understand.
The life atoms we have are affected by our thoughts,deeds and all that we
do during our life. They are referred to as little lives and I think they
are monads beginning the long path of evolution. This means that what we
think & do can help or hinder their progress as well as our own. Because
they are our own, they are influenced by us and come and go in our various
sheaths but are always attracted back to the place they feel most at home.
The whole universe is life atoms that are building up what ever level they
are on.
I have learned much about them from G de Purucker who says that if we
understood the work of the life atoms, we would also understand better the 
Brotherhood of all' concept. These life atoms answer the call of our
re-incarnating ego and as they were ours in lives past, the inherited factor
of physical problems and past karma comes with them. They are the very base
upon which we exist so if organs, blood etc are exchanged then there is the
life atoms as well as what has already been suggested about the astral body
to consider.
G de P talks about life atoms 'perigrenating' from us to others and back all
the time and also when we die, he reckons that cremation releases them to go
about their business until we return to use them again. They apparently will
be part of other bodies if the magnetic attraction is strong enough to
entice them. Otherwise they follow the circulations of the universe until
they hear the call of their re-incarnating ego returning to another life. 
I understand more than I am able to express in a few words so I have shared
what I can as I think this concept also adds weight to the question of organ
transplants etc as foreign life atoms added to another ego's physical body
may cause problems on a more subtle level. 
I think I would rather die earlier if that is my karma than perhaps get life
atoms that are not compatible with my spiritual path and may cause a set
back. I have realised that I am also responsible for the welfare of these
life atoms that make up 'me' . I don't mind checking out this life-time as I
hope the next time I come back, things may have improved a little.
It is worth a study of what G de P has to say about these matters for anyone
wanting more info.
Kind regards

Dear Iain
I also think that blood and organs are a wonderful gift. I think, but could
be wrong, that when an organ is passed to a donor, it passes with the donor
s "vibrations". e.g. Heart recipients learning that they have a "desire" for
something that they did not when there own heart was in place. I would
imagine that in most cases these vibrations are harmless as their gift is
given in altruism. However, one has to be careful in receiving blood as the
blood may be infected, e.g. Aids. Although the blood is screened there are
still a few cases that show up even in this day,of people, after receiving
blood, have received other things as well.

I was also wondering that if an organ of a deceased person, slows down the
process of disintegration of the donor's physical human body and its astral
counterpart. And what effect this would have on the donor's "after life". 
I believe that Theosophy does not advocate the mummification of bodies for
this reason.


Iain wrote:

As a 98 pint donor of blood /plasma/platlets I dont think my Karma has
dimminished,As the donations are given annonomously I keep looking out for
people wheather they are premature babies requiring a teaspoonful of blood
too RTA or assault victims needing several pints I dont think it matters
what ever Karma is there it will be diluted by the recipients own body
fluids, I have not come accross any misfortunates who have taken on my
characteristics .I do not see them wandering aimlessly in town,bewildered,
bamboozled & etc, or to be found at parties asking " Do I come here
I am of the opinion that blood/organs can be used to give or sustain life is
the greatest gift that anyone can give, if you pass on some form of Karma it
can only be good if that touch of spirit gives life to a body so that body
shall flourish and develop, that it does not touch it withers and dies.

The last Jehovah's Witness that strayed to my door was a young lad who
enquired of me "Good morning sir, But do you lead the life of Christ?" I
replied "Listen son, with my wife I don't even lead the life of a dog!!!"
cheers Iain

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