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Dec 06, 2004 05:45 PM
by krishtar

Bart wrote:

" Uncritical acceptance is not understanding."

Is this a law?

IMO it depends on what "understanding" means for us. It depends on the fruits that we ladle in our life for being a critic person.

Do we learn more being a criticizer? Do we help others being thus critic?

You said we have to stabilish a criticism about one thing to understanding it.

So the Rishis and true yogis didnīt understand anything because they justcontemplate with no idea or critic in mind and thatīs is what they teachus up today.

And what if we just try to look at it with no preconceived, just as they did?

I gess observation has greater worth than criticizing.

Many members of this list just sit and watch.

Observing teaches more than criticizing.

When we put our perceptions into words, they start loosing the essence.

The less we feed our mind with words and concepts, the easier it is to understand, to realise things.

Over-charged mind is like a truck with overload. Difficult to control.

Once we cannot control it, how can we truly realise the drift of things?


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krishtar wrote:
> Semantics, concepts, correction, criticism.
> Accept, understand, tolerate, consent..
> So many words, one for each occasion.
> Frankly, we all have different levels of understanding.

Uncritical acceptance is not understanding.


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