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Dec 06, 2004 02:35 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Regina St Clare wrote:
The only way we will have any communication of value is to seek to
understand each other, not to attack every word, as though one is
being attacked.
You mean your statements about the Theosophical Society weren't attacks? They sure looked like attacks to me.

If one talks from personal experience, then that
experience is valid, regardless of another's view of it.
Personal experience, or one's interpretation of personal experience?

If we are to experience any sense of oneness, we make the effort to
understand, which requires basic respect, and more than just
Does that include Christian Identity, for example? How about the Ku Klux Klan? I try to understand them, and I tolerate the beliefs as long as they do not translate into action. Are you asking me to respect them, as well?

I am not a Christian cultist, as implied.
But you DID imply. You asked, "Where does Love thy Enemy come in?" It is part of the theology of the Cult of the Failed Messiah. It is a religious statement, for a particular religion. And the fact that you stated it as if the belief was a given implies a confusion of religious belief and fact.

Saved means to be redeemed
of error, which is part of the practice of discernment, but this may
be where some ts folks have no tolerance.
Do not confuse disagreement with intolerance. Also, do not confuse refusal to join a religion as intolerance.


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