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Re: Theos-World re teachings/Masters today and in ancient Egypt, South Americ...

Dec 06, 2004 01:55 AM
by samblo

Thanks for your comments. Well, The climate of Nasca is ideal for the Nasca 
imprints as there is a consistent very low precipitation for quite a long 
time. However that is not a permanent condition and at certain periods the 
dryness was not continuous as it is today. There are studies on the Nasca Culture 
that separate them from ancient cultures. Maria Reich spent many years 
attempting to render an acceptable meaning to them, and as far as I know, never reached 
a final conclusion that was comprehensive, inclusive of all the elements and 
reviewed and accepted by her Peer Group. I find them immensely stimulating 
myself as well as the more recent Crop Circles. Even the dedicated "experts" who 
study the Crop Circles also differ in what signification's they think are 
intimated by them, and there is no serious consideration by the Peer Academic 
Disciplines of Science. In the same vein today's modern Archeologists are unmoving 
and obdurate in placing Tiahuanaco at around 1095 AD, completely throwing out 
Posnansky's 20 years of on site measurement and cataloguing so they can 
continue to maintain their accepted "Timeline" of cultures. 
I am not quite sure how you mean "corporate" in your usage.
As far as elemental's, that too is unclear, I am sure some, especially 
those who advocate a Religious view may attribute the actions to some such as 
"elemental's" as a via to propose some negative connotation, but I do not think 
in my personal opinion that that is what, who, is the actual responsible party. 
Years ago, and also historically I saw the so called "Plasma Balls" some 
think make the crop circles and the circumstance was such that "communications" 
were in process of reception at that moment in time. They are not limited to 
crop circles and antedate crop circle activity. In the UFO community they are 
referred to as "Monitors" and I have seen them zipping around the outside of the 
"Communictors" home when he was giving the communication. Also the UFO case I 
was involved in for more than seven years had presentment of the Balls of 
Light, Orange in his case. They appeared quite a number of times and also on an 
occasion at the foot of his bed, beginning at about 18 inches in diameter, then 
expanding to a sphere large enough for a Person to take appearance within the 
sphere itself, that person spoke to him, or so he swears. I might add that he 
passed both Lie Detector and Voice Stress Analysis tests. Once when the 
"experiencer" was in a "rapport" state, due to my strong interest in just what the 
mysterious Balls of Light actually were, I directly asked "What are the Balls 
of Light?" I got a single word as the answer, "Distereoisomer," there is a 
branch of organic chemistry which involves with this that involves "Mirror Image" 
handedness of organic elements. But at any rate I find it ridiculous when 
scientists invent irrational rationality's to extrapolate an invented explanation 
for every thing under the sun. Clearly there is an "Intelligent Consciousness" 
that is the director of making Crop circles and not random Plasma descending 
from the troposphere to the ground level of a farm crop which then "composes" 
aesthetically organized Designs using the living plants. 
No, they will never run out of "creative" origination's to fixate and 
maintain the stasis of their mutual agreements, lol.


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