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Re: Theos-World re teachings/Masters today and in ancient Egypt, South America and ...

Dec 05, 2004 12:47 PM
by Mauri wrote, in part:
Thanks for your comments. In the UFO case years ago Viracocha was referred to as "Ticci Viracocha" having the same tradition you relate from Graham Handcock's book. The Nasca Culture was recent comparatively, A.D., Maria Reich spent most of her life in situ documenting the Nasca lines and figures which are of a distinctly different type than the more recent Crop Circles.
Partly, the following appeared on BN Study in response to issues raised by this general topic.

I've been under the impression that humans and elementals might, under certain circumstances, enter into certain co-operative efforts, but that elementals, on their own, might not be capable of producing typical crop circles, eg. As for "more important things to do" re Masters, I suspect that they would tend to have their hands tied, in effect, by karma, so that (possibly ...) their efforts to help might be somewhat limited to various kinds of influences that would not be counter to karmic allowances. Of course I don't know whether from the perspective of Masters (per linages such as KH and M, eg ...) the production of typical crop circles for the purpose of affecting humankind, in whatever sense, would be within karmic allowances (ie, whether such circles are interpreted/reacted-to subliminally or otherwise).

I wonder if the Nazca lines might be much older than suggested by the orthodox view. At any rate, the Nazca plain certainly seems ideal for those kinds of lines and pictures if one wanted them to last for a very long time, seems to me. Of course the Nazca lines are different than today's crop circles, but so are people today generally different, (aren't they ...), so taking into account (possible considerations re karma and applicablility ...) in today's terms ...
Anyway, the way I tend to see it, the numerous, complex, very large crop circles that are appearing year after year in numerous countries might, eventually, make some sort of dent in the general trend (especially in the States ...) towards dumbing down and corporatizing. I mean, couldn't one suspect that, sooner or later, the dumbed down corporate zombies (or person's influenced by and joining the general trend towards dumbing down and corporatization ...) might tend to run out of creative and dumbed-down/corporatized explanations for the crop circles (wouldn't one expect ...)---ie, when/if they ever run out of excuses to ignore them in the first place.


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