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Re: Theos-World Blavatsky corrects an "erroneous notion" by Sinnett

Nov 29, 2004 04:15 PM
by ringding777

Daniel, thanks for reminding us of the Mars-Mercury quarrel 
between Sinnett, Leadbeater, Besant and Steiner on the one 
side and the Master of Wisdom and Compassion, Blavatsky, 
Judge, Tingley and de Purucker on the other side. The 
misunderstandings of this doctrine are pointing to the need 
of discrimination between inner and outer rounds, a point of 
which some would-be occultists - which maked their audience 
believe they speak with authority rather then with own 
fancy - seem to have been overlooked all the years.

One wonders: If they did misunderstand this one doctrine 
completely - which further doctrines did they misunderstand?

And how is it to explain that in one of the last issues of 
the official German section magazine called "Adyar 
Theosophie" (what a remarkable imaginative title) an article 
of John Algeo appeared wherin he states that he has examined 
the Mars-Mercury quarrel and comes to the conclusion - that 
Leadbeater is in accord with the ML and HPB did 
misunderstand this doctrine?

As Mr. Algeo is Vice Presdient of his TS one can hardly 
suspect that an high official did not careful examine a case 
like this.
Obviously the Adyar TS stores non-published information on 
this topic which gives insiders a competitive edge.

When will the rest of theosophical students profit from it?


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Subject: Theos-World Blavatsky corrects an "erroneous 
notion" by Sinnett

During the early and mid 1880s, A. P. Sinnett
and several other Theosophists had written
various expositions of the Theosophical
teachings. HPB in "The Secret Doctrine"
stated quite forcefully that they had
indulged in "wild and fanciful speculation":

"The publication of many of the facts herein
stated has been rendered necessary by
the wild and fanciful speculation in
which many Theosophists and students
of mysticism have indulged, during the
last few years, in their endeavour to,
as they imagined, work out a complete
system of thought from the few facts
previously communicated to them."
S.D., original edition, Vol I, p. viii

Master K.H. in his August 1888 letter to
Colonel Henry Olcott had also written
on this same subject:

"I have also noted, your thoughts about the 'Secret 
Doctrine.' Be
assured that what she [HPB] has not annotated from 
scientific and
other works, we have given or suggested to her. Every 
mistake or
erroneous notion, corrected and explained by her from the 
works of
other theosophists was corrected by me, or under my 
instruction. It
is a more valuable work than its predecessor, an epitome of 
truths that will make it a source of information and 
instruction for
the earnest student for long years to come. . . ." Letters 
from the
Masters of the Wisdom, Series I, p. 47

In "The Secret Doctrine," H.P. Blavatsky wrote that 
"mistakes have
now to be checked by the original teachings and corrected. . 
. ."

She then corrects one of Mr. Sinnett's mistakes.

See her detailed correction at:

"Mistakes have now to be checked by the original teachings 


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