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Nov 29, 2004 04:25 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 29 2003

Dear Friend Roger Searle:

Many thanks for your interesting inquiry. Since you have been a member of
the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY at one time I would assume you are familiar with
the concepts THEOSOPHY offers in regard to the 7 Principles of man and
nature. (S D I 157-8; II 596).

Then, the second area of knowledge that THEOSOPHY is familiar with, is the
area of evolution. It is of course vast. Ancient records state that a
record has been kept by members of the ancient Lodge of Wisdom Seekers
(called the Masters of Wisdom) of their observations, and also they have
stated that they participated in these processes. 

Here are some points. But perhaps you will have already covered these?

They state that the Knowledge currently held by the Occult Brotherhood, to
which they belong, is that knowledge which has been passed down through
generations of Adepts in an UNBROKEN, UNINTERRUPTED form since the time of
the early Instructors of the Third Root Race. [S D I 272-9]

"Every old religion is but a chapter or two of the entire volume
of archaic primeval mysteries - Eastern Occultism alone being
able to boast that it is in possession of the full secret, with its seven
keys." SD I 318

That these 'keys' have been in possession of the Occult Brotherhood for long
ages and can be found in the following passage. Speaking of the Teachings
given to Sinnett by the Mahatma KH and used in his book "Esoteric Buddhism",
HPB writes:

"But even the latter, though giving out many fundamental tenets
from the SECRET DOCTRINE of the East, raise but a small corner of
the dark veil. For no one, not even the greatest living adept, would be
permitted to, or could - even if he would - give out promiscuously, to a
mocking, unbelieving world, that which has been so effectually concealed
from it for long aeons and ages." SD I xvii

"The mysteries of Life and Death were fathomed by the great
master-minds of antiquity; and if they have preserved them in
secresy and silence, it is because these problems formed part of the sacred
mysteries; and, secondly, because they must have remained incomprehensible
to the vast majority of men then, as they do now."	ISIS II 451)

Here we have it said that the secrets of the ages were "preserved in secresy
and silence" as incomprehensible to the majority NOW as they were in
the past. That Knowledge has always been in the possession of that
Brotherhood of Adepts. 

And, the Wisdom of the Ancients, according to Ammonius Saccas (230 B C) is:

"..every religion was based on one and the same truth; which is
the wisdom found in the Books of Thoth (Hermes Trismegistus),
from which books Pythagoras and Plato had learned all their philosophy. And
the doctrines of the former he affirmed to have been identical with
the earliest teachings of the Brahmans -- now embodied in the oldest Vedas."
(ISIS I 443-444)

"Ammonius, speaking of his philosophy, taught that their school
dated from the days of Hermes, who brought his wisdom from India.
It was the same mystical contemplation throughout, as that of the Yogin: the
communion of the Brahman with his own luminous Self -- the "Atman." 

"The Secret Doctrine will show what were the ideas of all antiquity with
regard to the primeval instructors of primitive man and his three earlier
races. The genesis of that WISDOM-RELIGION, in which all theosophists
believe, dates from that period. So-called "Occultism," or rather Esoteric
Science, has to be traced in its origin to those Beings who, led by Karma,
have incarnated in our humanity, and thus struck the key-note of that secret
Science which countless generations of subsequent adepts have expanded since
then in
every age, while they checked its doctrines by personal observation and
experience. The bulk of this knowledge - which no man is able to possess in
its fullness - constitutes that which we now call Theosophy or "divine
knowledge." Blavatsky: COLLECTED WORKS Vol. X: p. 166

"So far as we know the corroboration of it by modern science receiving but
little consideration -- so far as the highest Planetary Spirits have
ascertained (who remember well have the same relations with the
trans-cosmical world, penetrating behind the primitive veil of cosmic matter
as we have to go behind the veil of this, our gross physical world --) the
infinite mind displays to them as to us no more than the regular unconscious
throbbings of the eternal and universal pulse of Nature, throughout the
myriads of worlds within as without the primitive veil of our solar system.

"So far -- WE KNOW. Within and to the utmost limit, to the very edge of the
cosmic veil we know the fact to be correct -- owing to personal experience;
for the information gathered as to what takes place beyond -- we are
indebted to the Planetary Spirits, to our blessed Lord Buddha."	
KH in Mahatma Letters

We are indebted to the Planetary Spirits, KH writes. What are
other terms for these beings? And what are the implications of KH's
statement to this effect?

"And to show you how exact a science is occultism let me tell you
that the means we avail ourselves of are all laid down for us in
a code as old as humanity to the minutest detail, but everyone of
us has to begin from the beginning, not from the end. Our laws
are as immutable as those of Nature, and they were known to man
an eternity before this strutting game cock, modern science, was
hatched. If I have not given you the modus operandi or begun by
the wrong end, I have at least shown you that we build OUR
PHILOSOPHY upon experiment and deduction -- unless you choose to
question and dispute this fact equally with all others."  	

Caps added KH in Mahatma Letters

"...from the first ages of man, the fundamental truths of all
that we are permitted to know on earth was in the safe keeping of
the adepts of the sanctuary; that the difference in creeds and
religious practice was only external; and that those guardians of
the primitive divine revelation, who had solved every
problem that is within the grasp of human intellect, were bound
together by a universal freemasonry of science and philosophy, which formed
one unbroken chain around the globe."
ISIS UNVEILED, Vol. 1, Pages 37-8.

Who are the "higher and exalted beings, who watched over the
childhood of Humanity"?


Considering that the "Soul" in each of us is the 'Higher Manas" and along
with the Buddhi [Wisdom] and ATMA [Spirit] the three form in incarnation
during periods of manifestation the triple MONAD. -- An immortal entity.

There is a connection between the Higher Manas and the Lower
Manas [the brain-mind] -- a slender thread of consciousness -- we recognize
its presence as intuition or the Voice of Conscience.  

If we recall that the Buddhi is as an active aspect of the ONE 
the "recorder" (in the Akasa) of all events, then we can see why it 
is also called the highest discrimination -- as it constantly draws on
the experience of our (its) past. It is in us the witness to
KARMA. It sees ours as a potential, and when we propose (as
free-willed choosers) to make a choice that will cause a
repetition of error and subsequent painful and corrective
karma -- it sends a warning. If we listen to it, good.

Why say all this? It is because we are immersed when in our
waking consciousness in the petty and selfish affairs of
Kama-Manas -- or the Lower desire, selfish-mind -- which is almost
overwhelmed with the demands of our feelings, hopes and personal
responsibilities. So much so that we give very little time to idealism or
figuring out what would be the optimum choice to make when we

A person like Mahatma Gandhi is called by all a "Great Soul," is
for the reason that he listened consistently to his HIGHER SELF
to the Buddhi-Manas that is in all of us illumined by ATMA, and
carried out its behests without flinching. But we wince often,
when we are presented with a moral choice that appears to be
painful or troublesome to our selfishness. We rarely listen to
it, or make use of its ideals.

And so, we either set up, or maintain the old barrier of
indifference, if not of dislike, between our "waking
consciousness" and our Noble Self, which sees that aspirations
(if translated into actions) are that nobility which we honor in
others -- such as Gandhiji. We can only make ourselves noble by
being noble (and doing it quietly and without advertising).

If Brotherhood is a fact -- because of the Spiritual one SOURCE
of all manifested "things" -- this causes a certain universality
of all things and underlies their immortality, then every living
thing (whether it is an atom, a plant, animal, human, a world or
a galaxy) is a brother to us, then we ought not to act selfishly
ever. If we harm others we distort the sensitivity of the MORAL
UNIVERSE that interpenetrates the Physical Universe at all
points. It is those distortions, that we set up and carry into
being as acts, which are preceded by feelings and thoughts that
set up Karma. The feeling and thoughts we have are the huge
motors that cause Karma -- they are moral force-fields and they
do not "die out."

Every change of whatever kind (as an act) starts with a "desire."
It then moves into the "planning stage." There, the MIND and
thinking take over. If the motive we employ is selfish, we do
harm and eventually we suffer, inescapably. We all know that in
our inner consciousness. It is the fear of retribution that
sends the parishioners to the priest in the hope that he may be
able to interceded with God (karma) and get our sentence reduced.
But the great Law of nature says: THERE IS NO PARDON, NO
EXCUSING. The only mitigation lies in setting the wrong right
with the people we have harmed. They are the victims. We have
to make our peace with them and try to heal their hurt. The
greatest harm in the world is done by our attempting to keep our
hurt-doing secret.  

And the priests, the sacerdotes of all faiths, are the ones who foolishly
try to convince people that with a little sacrifice of money and a few
prayers the Universal Justice of GOD may be appeased. BUT WHO TENDS TO THE

And how do the priests expiate their lies? The whole distortion
is based on the theory that we live only a single life -- and if
so there is indeed no JUSTICE in nature. But that is not true
taking the long range and interdependence into account. I see
that HPB and Judge have tried to make this quite clear in the KEY
and the OCEAN and in several of their Articles. It is for us to
seize the logic, and test that with our minds to see if it is
reasonable -- and then we can choose to make it our own guide and
support -- then we can all be "great Souls" together -- and so we
will eventually, but, why take so long and so painful a time?

When we act selfishly, we destroy the harmony and structure of
living entities (those forms of energy which are the
"life-atoms") we call them elementals. In turn they go out to
others in the World and eventually cycle back to us, bringing to
us the exact impression we laid on them -- a cumulation of those,
gives us painful circumstances and suffering. It is Nature's
infinite tender mercy to attempt to show us how we only hurt
ourselves and needlessly make ourselves the agents of Karma in
inflicting suffering on others.  
See also SD II 304 - 306 I 641 - 645.

A great Soul has learned not to do this inflicting of pain on
others. he sees a great deal of the intentions and harmony of
Nature. He acts as his Highest CONSCIENCE dictates, regardless
of consequences that might be painful to himself. He knows that
in his inner Self he is an immortal and this takes precedence
over the purely mortal personality and its anxieties and fears
and hopes. We instinctively respect his dedication to the HIGHER
SELF that we sense is in us, also. How d we develop the courage
to serve it openly, before all? How do we change uncertainty and
fear into actual knowledge?

Consider the power that we all know is present in Jesus' words in
the SERMON ON THE MOUNT. If we are going to call ourselves
"Christians" then why not practice those? What difference would
it make if we did that fearlessly and let others decide if they
wished to be Christians also. It is fearful thing to look over
the weekly outpourings of sermons and platitudes which tend to make the
average person dull to the exact implications of what Jesus taught. the
change arises when we learn to challenge ourselves to live and act as
the mortals we are.


-- The Universe as a School -- Humans as Immortal Pupils --

As I understand it, WISDOM implies a knowledge of all things,
both the visible and the invisible worlds and planes, as well as
all the Laws of Nature that may be involved at any time in any

It is quite impossible to do this in a single life-time hence the
concept of the Immortal Student-Soul is used to convey the fact
of reincarnation and Law (Karma) under which all live. The Real
Human being is the IMMORTAL, ETERNAL MONAD or ATMA-BUDDHI. The Mind (Manas)
is the link between it and our world of material
concepts and errors and limitations.

We all know that there is such a thing as absolute knowledge --
which we call WISDOM. Somewhere, sometime we determine to seek
and secure it. Theosophy is the record of those who have, and
are, doing this. It is a definite system and offers its findings
to those who desire to seek it.

The Masters of Wisdom are those who have achieved universal
knowledge and apply it universally all the time. They are the
actual helpers of nature and fulfill many of the functions as
needed and as described in Vol. I of the SECRET DOCTRINE 
-- in regard to the re-formation of the Worlds and the providing of a
regulated process of development for the hosts of MONADS that are working
their way through the various kingdoms towards HUMANITY and the
individualization of the MIND faculty.

Theosophy considers the Universe to be an eternal learning
experience and the pupils, if we may call them that, are you and
me and all the rest of vast host of Mind-beings -- you and me.
We are all learning each at his or her level of knowledge right
now and we cannot avoid this.

Behind the Mind stands the THINKER, the PERCEIVER -- or THAT
which uses the Mind. It has been called THE HIGHER SELF. It is
a wise interior mentor which is always ready to respond to
appeals from the embodied mind and provide a response if we learn
how to approach it and how to ask. Theosophy deals with this,
but first there is a learning period and effort as in all new
attempts to learn what is hitherto not known by us.

If one goes to SD I 157 one finds there a table of Principles in
Nature and in Man which covers the Theosophical explanation of
the way in which our world, ourselves and the Universe functions,
operates and develops. If one goes to the KEY TO THEOSOPHY ( see
between pp. 91 to 176) one will find that HPB gives there over 80
pages to explaining the nature of human consciousness, mind,
wisdom and the scope of evolution. All these factors need to be

Yes, it takes time to assimilate this information and to mull it
over and see if it is reasonable. theosophy does not ever ask us
to take anything on faith, or for granted. it always provides
reasons for its statements. it deals with facts and respects
each mind that approaches it by considering each of them to be an
immortal part of ITSELF, and therefore each is owed all the
explanations they desire to secure.

To better secure the meaning of WISDOM as used Theosophically,
let us use HPB's definitions and say that the SPIRIT in order to
perceive on our material plane needs the link of Buddhi. Buddhi
is called WISDOM. It is the record and key to all knowledge.

The mind links Atma/Buddhi to our plane of material consciousness
through the personal mind (Lower Manas).

The Lower Manas is you and me, here and now, and it aspires to
become wise. Theosophy is a record of the history of the study
of wisdom down the ages.

The Masters of Wisdom stand as the "Professors" of a University
might to us, and we stand to them as do freshmen entering
college. The theosophical ORIGINAL TEACHINGS by HPB are the
Text-books. If we desire to learn Theosophy we will have to
study them carefully. As in any science or discipline time will
have to be devoted to this if we determine to be successful. It
is not a pressure course nor are there any "cribs" or short-cuts.
Each portion fits into the rest and each has to be accepted or
rejected by us based on our ability to think and reason....If we
have not had practice in logic and thinking, then our work will
be a little harder, but once we acquire that facility, and employ
it, the Path becomes much easier. Also there are always students
around who are willing to share what they have learned, but, they
might not have too much time for arguments unless those are very

Everything hinges on the basis that one starts from. In the SD
you will find that HPB sets this at the outset on pages: 14 to
19 of vol. 1.

All who desire to learn can do so, the path is the same for all
of us and the information is also the same in regard to WISDOM.
Of partial knowledge, misinformation, and opinions there are many
millions of concepts -- if WISDOM is sought for, then the
disciplines that lead to wisdom have to be adopted. It is a hard

This applies everywhere in our world and in our educational
system as well.

I trust this agrees with that which you have already determined. If not
then please ask further or make observations.

Best wishes,


-----Original Message-----
From: robert searle 
Sent: Sunday, November 28, 2004 1:15 PM


I am a new member to this Discussion Group, and
I look forward to any criticisms concerning
Multi-Dimensional Science, or MDS. I also ofcourse
have an interest in Theosophy, and related topics.
However, my main concern is the research, and
development of MDS which may, or may not form a thesis
for some enlightened university in the world!! It is
very radical, and revolutionary. 

You have been warned.

I have had long interest in all things psychic, and
mystical. I used to write articles notably in Yoga
today, and then, its successor Yoga, and Health. I
hope to take up the pen once again, and undertake
pioneering work into obscure, and unknown esoteric
societies be they buddhist, sufi, hindu, sikh,
hermetic, or whatever. I have been a member of various
well-known organisations including the Theosophical
Society, and the Society for Psychical Research. I am
also among other things the inventor of Transfinancial

Anyway, let me explain MDS very simply. I hope you
have got an open mind as what I am about to reveal may
prove to be controversial to say the least. 

The basic aim of MDS is to objectify the inner subjective
experiences of psychics, and mystics. If their
attempted descriptions of higher psycho-spiritual
energies tally then this is clearly suggestive that
they belong to a shared objective Reality. In other
words, they are not illusions produced by our own
imaginations. These so-called psycho-spiritual
energies may manifest themselves as rays, lights,
sounds, auras, et al. 

There are certain keys steps which we need in order to
understand how MDS works. They are:-

STEP ONE. A search for multi-sensory psychics (or
MSPs), and multi-sensory mystics (or MSNs)would have
to be undertaken initially at least. Many of the above
would probably come from the healing "profession".

STEP TWO. A series of highly elaborate, and detailed
questionaires needs to be developed which throw light
on their internal experiences of "higher worlds".

STEP THREE. If the resulting data is corroborative
ideally beyond the mathematical laws of chance then
the verbal info would be converted into images, and
diagrams of the Unseen.

STEP FOUR. These images could be turned into
mathematical models for a theory, or rather a working
hypothesis of the nature, and purpose of life itself. 

STEP FIVE. If what MSPs, and MSMs reveal is largely if
not wholly reliable then they could be used in
scientific studies, and experiments in subjects like
biology, physics, psychology, psychiatry, sociology,
et al. In effect, they would be able to give us a more
complete "scientific" understanding of all this...and
this will have revolutionary implications for the
whole of humanity.

What the above offers us is A SERIES OF METHODS TO

FOR MORE INFO. It would be best to go to my writings
which are hosted by the XAT community website.
Unfortunately, their server is down, but if you key in
the words Multidimensional Science sat using the
Google search engine this should lead you to the
correct entry to click on. However, you will have to
use the CACHED button to see the material as this is a
copy by google.

I assure you that you will find the information quite
fascinating, and ofcourse, controversial. I look
forward to all your comments on the issue of
Multi-Dimensional Science in R&D.

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