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Nov 04, 2004 07:56 PM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Nov 4 2004

Dear friend K

Please see notes below,


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From: krishtar [mailto:krishtar_a@b...] 
Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 11:12 AM
Subject: Fw: Theos-World NEW BOOK: THE JUDGE CASE

Friend Dallas

As you seemed not to get the other post, I decided to write to the group.
I have been printing your posts for further reading because my eyes get too
stressed reading on the monitor. 

The one about obsession really interested me and I am reading it printed.

Would channeling be a kind of that phenomena though? Let me read the


DTB	I think "CHANNELING" is the new word used for 
mediumistic communications? 

What I am writing you for is about the book " the Judge´s case", what is it


DTB	I wrote on this direct to you.

What was he accused for? 

I didn't know that this ruined the development of the T M for some time, he
always transmitted a very honest atmosphere to me and by his writings he
showed to be an example in terms of fidelity to the theosophical causes at
that period.


DTB	This is a vital part of the history of the THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY and
the THEOSOPHICAL MOVEMENT after the death of HPB.

It would be a good idea for you to have a look at the book


It is available on line at.


Something bad is the price of the book: almost 100 US Dollars, too
expensive, is more expensive than a fine art book, well, unless the material
be printed in a limited and little quantity.


DTB	I know that the work was tremendous and putting it into book form
was very expensive. Excellent materials have been used.




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From: W.Dallas TenBroeck 
To: AAA-Dal 
Sent: Monday, November 01, 2004 11:30 PM
Subject: Theos-World NEW BOOK: THE JUDGE CASE

Dear Friends:

I am sending you an advance notice of a new book of importance to the

Edmonton Theosophical Society
is pleased to announce the publication of

The Judge Case

A Conspiracy Which Ruined the Theosophical Cause

By Ernest E. Pelletier


Every serious student of Theosophy must have 
access to this book. This is also an important tool
for any historian doing work on William Q. Judge
or on the early Theosophical Society. A detailed
bibliographical time-line, biographies on many of
the key players, and appendices with hard to find
archival material all contribute to making this work
exhaustive in scope. In addition, the author offers
a compelling argument to vindicate William Q.
Judge and show him to be key in the development
of theosophy in the Western World.

In Part I you will find:

. a detailed bibliographical chronology of the events of the "Judge

. over 40 biographical sketches of the key players

. the author's analysis of events with a compelling presentation of
Judge's innocence

. AND published for the first time,

Exhibit 'A': the letter that triggered the Judge Case


In Part II look for:
. a reprint of Besant's prosecutor's brief and the reply by W.Q.

. a collection of letters of W.Q. Judge to E. T. Hargrove

. Material from Judge's "Diaries" concerning the post "Judge Case"

. Western and Vedic astrological charts and interpretations of W.Q. Judge


Single Volume Smythe Sewn Hardcover, 

8½" x 11" x 2¼",

984 pages + 71 

B &W Photographs,


ISBN 0-9681602-3-9.


$95.00 US + $7.00 US postage*; Overseas, $95.00 US + postage



To order send check or money order to:


Theosophy Company, Los Angeles,

245 W 33rd St.,

Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA, 90007,

U S A              
E-mail: inquiry@t...

Or to
Edmonton Theosophical Society, 

Box 4587, 

Edmonton AB, 


T6E 5G4, 

or e-mail



For details re: electronic transfer of funds.

* Special introductory postage rate to cease as of January 2005

My opinion is that this book will be of great service to the 

Best wishes, 


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