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New Member Intro

Nov 05, 2004 09:39 AM
by john mcalpin

howdy folks :)

i am john mcalpin, seeker after Truth at large :)

i seek Truth and i seek Lasting Peace and Happiness.

these days i consider myself to be something of an
esoteric mystical christian of a non-exclusionary type.
i am not a mainstreamer.

i am 58 years of age, live in st. louis, missouri, usa.

have been actively (consciously) seeking since around
early college days. spent some time in Eckankar learning
some good stuff, IMO, but after having left that path,
have not been able to merge with any other organized
group of folks, so i sort of "go it alone," with the aid
of "Harvey" the holy spirit, so i know i am not really
alone :)

i am deeply into the relationship between consciousness
and the physical body, or, to put it in other words,
the effects that the nature of the body has on the
conscious "in" the body. and, because of this, i am
seeking to eventually become a Real Breatharian (one who
never eats).

have been interested in the hollow earth concept, still am,
but it is not a matter of much focus these days.

ok .. that's enough about me for now.

i am looking forward to learning from youse guys. so, let's
do it! :)

In the Quest for all of the good stuff,

john mc


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