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Theos-World Re: CORRECTION: Can theos-talk look at the world?

Sep 28, 2004 04:40 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Morten N. Olesen" <global-
theosophy@a...> wrote:

> So it is not so much, what Theos-talk are, but what it aught to be.

Why should the list "aught" to be something? The statement on the 
website, imo, is clear enough: "Discussion on topics regarding 
Theosophy (or theosophy) and its realization in the modern world."
And isn't political expediency one of the factors in the modern world 
that prevent the principles of Theosophy to become a reality in our 
global society?
> This is not a new discussion. We had a talk about it here a few 
years back.
> And I think the most prelevant view was that politics was allright
> to discuss, but that it had to be related to the Theosophical 
teachings !

The word politics comes from the Greek *polites*, "citizen", which in 
its turn comes from *polis*, "city". Although its usual meaning today 
is 'art and science of government; political affairs or life and 
political principles', in its essence politics has to do with 
citizens and their relationship with the larger community and, 
therefore, with each other. As I see it, this has everything to do 
with Theosophy and it (Theosophy) can throw light on how politics 
could be conducted for the greater good of all.  

> My experience with theosophically-related political debates at 
Theos-talk is
> that they have had a tendency to reach a level where theosophy is 
> considered important, but it is who is merely politically right or 
wrong in
> the debate - which has value. It is maybe because the issue 
of "corruption"
> has left the debate
> and instead entered the debating parties. And because the missing 
> didn't interfere.

Morten, we don't have a moderator! See below relevant information 
from the website. We have an owner of the list who has allowed free 
discussion and who, from time to time, shares his views with list 
"Group Settings  
 Listed in directory 
 Restricted membership 
 All members may post 
 Public archives 
 Email attachments are not permitted"

So far I haven't seen any evidence here that Theosophy (or theosophy) 
is not important, although there are different views about what it is.


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