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Re: Coenergetic and Consubstantial

Sep 23, 2004 11:05 PM
by leonmaurer

Due to an accidental premature mailing before completion -- this is a 
corrected version of the response to Regina's questions. (Please discard the first 
draft version that contains minor errors and incomplete descriptions.) 

According to the American Heritage Dictionary: 

Coadunate means: "Closely joined; grown together; united." 

Consubstantial means: "Of the same substance, nature, or essence." 

These are the essential meanings of those words with respect to the 
interpenetrating spherical fields of consciousness, originating from zero-points of 
pure spirit or consciousness surrounded by the force or angular momentum of their 
abstract motion or "spinergy" -- that are the seven fold natures of both the 
Universe and all sentient beings in it, as explained (between the lines :-) in 
the Secret Doctrine... And which, in the ABC theory, are called "coenergetic 
fields" that are involved fractally -- at different levels of reality and at 
different phases or orders of frequency-energy-mass -- as bubbles within 
bubbles within bubbles, etc., ad infinitum. 

Therefore, these fields are "coadunate but NOT consubstantial," and also 
"electrical" in nature, based on their cyclic vibrational frequencies and positive 
and negative polarities. Thus, they are capable of carrying information in 
the form of vibrational patterns impressed on their surfaces or "membranes"... 
And coenergetically -- according to the fundamental laws of electricity such 
as induction, resonance, harmonics, etc. -- transferring that information from 
one field to the other. 

>From our human standpoint, by projecting a single ray of "coherent" energy 
("inquiray" similar to a laser beam) directly from our coadunate zero-point of 
conscious awareness onto the mental or higher memory levels (up to the 
universal ideation on the Atma-Buddhi level) -- the information these fields contain, 
by reflecting back to our zero-points of awareness, can be directly 
experienced as "images" of sound or light, and other ideas, or thoughts. (Sense 
impressions originating on the lower Physical-Astral levels work similarly, although 
through different mechanisms.) 

The brain, then, is simply a hard wired transponder/controller mechanism as 
well as an electromagnetic field generator that serves to separate and 
translate this information on the various sensory channels (in both directions) 
between our higher fields of consciousness and the lower physical and Astral fields 
of our body's cells, organs, and sense mechanisms. 

Since the body has myriad's of zero-points located at the centers of all its 
neurally connected cells and organs (and down to individual molecules, atoms 
and fundamental particles), and since such zero-points are coadunate on the 
highest spiritual plane of our individual self consciousness, and as 
consciousness or awareness is the inherent nature of such points -- we feel pain in our 
toe when we stub it (or at any other point of trauma), experience smell in our 
nose, taste on our tongue, hear sounds in our ears, feel touch in our fingers, 
and see visual images on the retinas of our eyes (that appear to be projected 
directly out to the object points that the original light falling on the rods 
and cones of the retinas reflect from). 

Thus, with respect to vision, it is easy to imagine how the stereo-binocular 
hologram is created in the astral-mental field by the interference patterns 
formed from the angular difference between the incoming light rays that hit 
corresponding rods or cones in both eyes. Thus, the image we actually experience 
(as a fused 3-D hologram when both eyes are open) is in the Astro-mental field, 
and is composed of Astral light at a much higher frequency and velocity than 
the "photonic light" on the material plane. This accounts for the 
instantaneity of thought, as well as -- in conjunction with the zero-points which are 
everywhere (yet "coadunate" on the highest planes) -- the non-locality of 

Further, understanding of the above, in conjunction with our innate ability 
to correlate the forces on the Astral-Mental planes, project a ray of coherent 
Astral light, and focus its concentration on a single point while guiding and 
energizing the muscles of the eyes and body to move into different alignments, 
partially explains the possibility of, and the methods behind many types of 
psi phenomena such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychic healing (of self or 
others), telepathy, precipitation, teleportation, etc.

I hope this helps clarify these matters a bit further.


In a message dated 09/21/04 12:46:26 PM, writes:

>Please can someone tell me more precisely the difference in coadunate and
>consubstantial--my dictionary is rather vague on the matter. A clear 
>distinction would help.

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