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Pedro bends over backward not to give his opinion about Leadbeater??

Sep 23, 2004 05:43 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


Contrary to what Bill M. may or may not having been 
trying to insinuate, I am not trying to win 
a debate at any and all costs....

I am not trying to have you totally surrender....

I am not trying to vindicate a particular understanding
of theosophy....

But I was hoping you would be forthcoming and give your
honest opinion on Leadbeater as you did on Bailey.

The question was simple and the answer (whatever it might
be) would be quite easy to give.

We have your answer about Bailey. You gave it in a
clear and forthright way.

So turning our attention to Leadbeater, do you agree
with A.B. Kuhn, James Santucci and others that
many of Leadbeater's teachings & claims CONTRADICT important
principles of Theosophy as presented by HPB and her

There are several answers you could give.

Yes, there are contradictions.

No, there are no contradictions.

I don't know.

etc. etc.

Your "refusal" to address and answer this simple question ranks
up there with your repeated refusal to discuss with either
Dr. Tillett or me the "1854 versus the 1847 Leadbeater
birthdate" or the apparent contradictions between the
KH Letter of 1900 & various statements of CWL/AB. 

You will write pages of information which may or may not
be somehow relevant to the question but for reasons best known to you
you will not address the central issue and directly answer the 

You appear to be a thoughtful and sincere person and I was hoping we 
might actually find out at least your position on these issues.

Maybe you have some good points...who knows!

And of course you have every right to your opinion and if you so 
choose not to answer then that is your right too.


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