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Re: a(nother) Question for Pedro on Leadbeater

Sep 23, 2004 04:54 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Daniel H. Caldwell" 
<danielhcaldwell@y...> wrote:

> But throughout Leadbeater's writings he makes innumerable
> statements of his intimate knowledge of the Masters
> and of his own personal contact and communication with the
> Masters. 

> Pedro, I would suggest that the picture that one gets from the 
> claims by Mrs. Besant and Mr. Leadbeater (as well as from his own 
> books) is, to say the least, quite different from how you describe 
> Mr. Leadbeater:
> "I think that, as an independent thinker, he was 
> presenting his own understanding of the original 
> teachings." 

> So if you are quite willing to state in clear cut terms
> that ". . . many of her [Bailey's] claims contradict important 
> principles of Theosophy as presented by HPB and her 
> Teachers" I find it puzzling that you do not
> express your opinion when asked about whether you believe
> many of Leadbeater's teachings & claims contradict important 
> principles of Theosophy as presented by HPB and her 
> Teachers.

Let me allow C.W. Leadbeater to answer:

"Furthermore, I claim that it [the Theosophical teaching] is a fact
which may be verified at first hand by any person who is willing to
devote the time and trouble necessary to fit himself for the
investigation. I am not offering to the reader a creed to be
swallowed like a pill; I am trying to set before him a system to
study, and above all, a life to live. I ask no blind faith from him;
I simply suggest to him the consideration of the Theosophical
teaching as a hypothesis, though to me it is no hypothesis, but a
living fact."

In the meantime, I'll meditate on Bill Meredith's recent post and 
its implications for my online karma:

"Some regulars here seem anxious to pounce on any topic and quickly 
turn it into a relentless campaign to vindicate a particular 
understanding of theosophy. Rather than a genuine interest in a 
fellow human being's current understanding and a gentle exposition 
of one's own current understanding, a vocal few seem determined to 
win a debate at any and all costs. Only total surrender from their 
opponent appears to satisfy them. I think that this type of 
behaviour causes many list members to hold their views close lest
they suddenly find themselves on the receiving end of an 


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