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Re: Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of original teaching

Sep 18, 2004 12:50 PM
by MKR

At 07:32 PM 09/18/04 +0200, wrote:

7. It was Leadbeater, not HPB, who discovered
the theosophical world teacher, he was again
While no one can *judge* whether Krishnamurti is a world teacher or not, his influence was greater than any of his contemporaries in the field of theosophy; whether the discovery is is real or accidental, the credit for discovering him does go of CWL.

14. Leadbeater was the first theosophical
teacher, with whom the Logos Himself spoke!
There is not a single mention of either HPB or the other Adepts speaking to Logos Himself. With simple logic one wonders about this statement.

16. It was Leadbeater whom the Masters in
1885 taught the doctrine of the Seven Rays
(p. 169), not to HPB.
Ernest Wood received details on Seven Rays directly from a higher source and CWL was unaware of this info before Wood disclosed the details. Also Wood, in his spiritual life did not work through CWL either.


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