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Re: Theos-World Re: Creating authority under sweet name of original teaching

Sep 18, 2004 12:49 PM
by MKR

Each individual is entitled to one's personal opinion and so long as that is all to it.

So opinions will widely vary since each one is looking through a colored glass developed due to one's background and various other factors - tangible and intangible. also one should keep in mind that *any one* in a leadership position in *any* organization is shackled by various restrictions - both overt and covert and hence I personally take them with a large grain of salt or whatever!


At 05:53 PM 09/18/04 +0200, wrote:
Daniel asks:
>So did not HPB give out the teachings of the

Not always, according at least to John Algeo.
I have just read an article of him in the
German Adyar TS magazine "Adyar" (wow, an
ingenious title!), were he claims that CWL
was more correct in repeating the doctrines
of the Masters as HPB. He gives the
Mars-Mercury-chain topic as example. CWL was
convinced in his exoteric misinterpretation
that Mars and Mercury were not globe chaines
of their own, but only parts of the globe
chain of the Earth (inner rounds). HPB on the
contrary taught that Mars and Mercury do not
belong to our chain (outer rounds).
What should I make out of such a statement?
Either Leadbeater is a "Big Initiate" (Dr.
Peter Michel in his hagiography), bigger than
HPB, more faithful to Masters as she, or John
Algeo errs.
But when John Algeo wrote that he had the
post of GS of the American Section. Can it be
possible that someone gets a high
theosophical post, salary, insight into the
theosophical secret chambers of which
existence the ordinary member never ever
dreams of, and does not understand basic
theosophical doctrines like that on the inner
and outer rounds?
And how then comes it that a "later claimer"
like Gottfried von Purucker (he turned to his
German name when he took office as leader),
as he is drawn by lesser intelligent critics,
did understand that doctrine??

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