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To Pedro: Writing an introductory book on Theosophy

Sep 18, 2004 02:27 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


Thank you for your comments at:

I am quite aware of the material you quote from.

But how does one apply these statements in, let
us say, writing a new introduction to Theosophy.

Let us say that the two of us agreed to write such
an introduction.

I write a draft chapter that reads in part:


Our planet Earth forms part of a chain of septenary globes.
But the other six globes are not on the same plane of
objectivity as our physical earth or world. We cannot see these
other globes because they are outside our physical
means of perception.


Another draft chapter contains the following statement:


According to Theosophy, when most people die, there is no conscious 
existence for them in the Kamaloka (the psychic realm, the so-called 
astral world or plane). Most do not traverse the various planes of 
the astral realm in consciousness. For the majority of persons who 
die, they are not aware of either the physical world or the astral 
world. They remain unconscious until they awaken in their respective 
Devachanic states.


If I sent this material to you for your input and feedback
as the co-author of the book, how would you respond 
to the above material?

No doubt, the English of the statements could be improved, but
would you okay the "content" of the statements?


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