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Re: Theos-World Teaching Methods and Prerequisites (2nd edition)

Sep 14, 2004 03:12 AM
by Morten N. Olesen

Hallo John and all,

My views are:

What you consider "normal practise" is maybe not so according to your own
Master. You could consider that.
Besides I have rewritten the original text, so it was better. Well at least
the 3rd edition is not that bad. >:-)
Else, Yes very interesting remarks you have.
You could try to read it again, as I am afraid you have not quite absorbed
and digested its content - and I do think it woul do you good.

Try this one:
"If you see a writer who has his own pen - he isn't one."

*Saying -
author Unknown!*

To put it more short:

"The lord, O Arjuna! is seated in the region of the heart of all beings,
turning round all beings (as though) mounted on a machine, by his delusion."
The Bhgavad Gita; - Chapter 18, v. 61

M. Sufilight

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> Morten,
> Thanks for your reply. Well, in reading the several repetitive posts on
> "Conditioning" you posted it did appear to me that it was not your normal
> pattern of dialogue so i inquired in regard to your source, certainly if
what you
> posted was deigned to be of some interest it would naturally follow that
> would like to have citation of the source you utilize to bring your point
> it is normal practice to cite the source.
> However what ever the source is it is a bit wordy and buttered a little
> all over the place so to speak. I, in reading it thought, gee Patanjali
> indicates the "Conditioned State" as an almost universal condition of
> Gurjeff as well in his works indicates "Conditioned State" in his own
> differentiated manner. L. Ron Hubbard researched and adapted Patanjali in
an entirely
> new means, that of mating the Historical to Technological means and
> processes. Pattern and Form are married to conditioned state in order to
> continuity of manifestation. And most certainly there is a beneficiary
that requires it
> be so, the instrument of mind. Since Mind and Ego are conditioned and
> patterned and all the various activities are disposed to the maintenance
of said
> state for the creation of Effect that procures the desired productions
along with
> whatever gratification's that reinforce, maintain, amplify and validate in
> way that is calculated to cause a persistence and survival of the mind and
> as the primary goal, the only avenue seems to be in a regulated, managed,
> safe, certain method that could effect a transformation from a state of
> "conditioned ignorance" to a state of repatterned energy of the
conditioned fixated
> energy into a state that is more nearly "unconditioned" yet maintains the
> and form that are for the time being a necessity and at the same time
> awareness intrinsic of the Being in the Now.
> My view is all the Institutions, whatever form or dynamic, nation,
> new or old are basically productions of the conditioned state being as
> are the direct origination's and productions in kind collectively of
> mind, conforming to it's necessity as the senior imperative.
> In reading versions 1, 2, and 3 I was slightly reminded of Gurjeff's
> Beelzebub told to his children" in that it covered acreage but ultimately
> made no open disclosures of Axioms, that contrasted vividly some other
> other than "allusions" that there were alternatives that remain undefined
and as
> always remain unstated for some purpose that one could also see as
> conditioned prerequisites of some one.
> In the Axioms of Hubbard is it stated:
> The highest purpose is the creation of effect
> The most valued particle is admiration
> So the universe as maya is an effect and what admires it?
> John
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