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Re: Theos-World Teaching Methods and Prerequisites (2nd edition)

Sep 14, 2004 01:20 AM
by samblo

Thanks for your reply. Well, in reading the several repetitive posts on 
"Conditioning" you posted it did appear to me that it was not your normal 
pattern of dialogue so i inquired in regard to your source, certainly if what you 
posted was deigned to be of some interest it would naturally follow that we 
would like to have citation of the source you utilize to bring your point across, 
it is normal practice to cite the source.
However what ever the source is it is a bit wordy and buttered a little 
all over the place so to speak. I, in reading it thought, gee Patanjali clearly 
indicates the "Conditioned State" as an almost universal condition of Mankind. 
Gurjeff as well in his works indicates "Conditioned State" in his own 
differentiated manner. L. Ron Hubbard researched and adapted Patanjali in an entirely 
new means, that of mating the Historical to Technological means and 
processes. Pattern and Form are married to conditioned state in order to have 
continuity of manifestation. And most certainly there is a beneficiary that requires it 
be so, the instrument of mind. Since Mind and Ego are conditioned and 
patterned and all the various activities are disposed to the maintenance of said 
state for the creation of Effect that procures the desired productions along with 
whatever gratification's that reinforce, maintain, amplify and validate in a 
way that is calculated to cause a persistence and survival of the mind and ego 
as the primary goal, the only avenue seems to be in a regulated, managed, 
safe, certain method that could effect a transformation from a state of 
"conditioned ignorance" to a state of repatterned energy of the conditioned fixated 
energy into a state that is more nearly "unconditioned" yet maintains the patterns 
and form that are for the time being a necessity and at the same time opening 
awareness intrinsic of the Being in the Now.
My view is all the Institutions, whatever form or dynamic, nation, type, 
new or old are basically productions of the conditioned state being as they 
are the direct origination's and productions in kind collectively of conditioned 
mind, conforming to it's necessity as the senior imperative. 

In reading versions 1, 2, and 3 I was slightly reminded of Gurjeff's "Tales 
Beelzebub told to his children" in that it covered acreage but ultimately 
made no open disclosures of Axioms, that contrasted vividly some other means 
other than "allusions" that there were alternatives that remain undefined and as 
always remain unstated for some purpose that one could also see as serving 
conditioned prerequisites of some one.

In the Axioms of Hubbard is it stated:
The highest purpose is the creation of effect
The most valued particle is admiration

So the universe as maya is an effect and what admires it?


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