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Re: Leadbeater and the Census

Sep 08, 2004 03:48 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell


Thanks very much for your info below.

When I get a spare moment, I would like
to make a few comments.


--- In, gregory <gregory@z...> wrote:
> In further response to Daniel's questions:
> 1. From a research point of view, do you know when the 1847 
> first surfaced?
> I now do know roughly when the change occurred. 
> I have before me a copy of the results of the Census Return 
submitted by 
> Leadbeater in 1881.
> He stated that he was the Head of the household of Hertford 
> Headley Road, in the census place of Bramshott, Hampshire in 
England. He 
> gave his marital status as unmarried; his age as 27 (i.e. born in 
> his place of birth as Stockport, Cheshire, and his occupation as 
> of Bramshott. We know that he was Curate of Bramshott and living in 
> Hertford Cottage at this time from his own writings.
> Living with him was his mother: Emma Leadbeater, widow, aged 59, 
born in 
> Liverpool, Lancashire, and Ellen Wigg, unmarried "general servant", 
> 19.
> It is worth noting that information provided during a census is 
> by the provider to be accurate, on penalty of prosecution.
> I also have before me a copy of the results of the Census Return 
> submitted by A.P.Sinnett in 1891. He stated that he was the Head of 
> household of 27 Ladbrook Gardens, Paddington (? the handwriting is 
> indistinct - other sources give 7 Ladbrook Gardens, Notting Hill, 
> London). The household included Alfred A. Sinnett, "living on own 
> his wife, Patience, and his son, Dennis (? the handwriting is 
> - but the son was known in TS writings as "Denny"), aged 13 and 
> as "scholar". Also Charles W. Leadbeater, whose age is given as 44 
> born in 1847) and birthplace as Stockport, Cheshire;, relationship 
to the 
> family described as "Tutor", with "Profession" given (very 
curiously!) as 
> "Clerk in Holy Orders." Also "Jinarajadasa", described 
as "visitor", aged 
> 15, and "living on own means."
> Presumably Leadbeater provided his age to Sinnett who therefore 
> false information to the census collector.
> It should be noted that Leadbeater first met Mrs Besant at a 
meeting of 
> the London Lodge of the TS at the Sinnett's house in 1890.
> Presumably, the 1854 to 1847 date change occurred after the meeting 
> Mrs Besant.
> 2. Did Mr. Leadbeater ever specifically state in writing when he 
was born?
> It can now been said definitely that Leadbeater stated that his 
> date was 1854 in his census return (as "Head of Household") in 1881.
> I suppose it could be argued that the Charles Leadbeater who 
> the census return in 1881 was a different Charles Leadbeater who 
> information to Sinnett for the 1891 census!
> Dr Gregory Tillett

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