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To Pedro & all seekers of truth: Leadbeater's birth year: PART ONE

Sep 08, 2004 05:30 PM
by Daniel H. Caldwell

To Pedro & all seekers of truth: 
Leadbeater's birth year


Some time ago on Theos-Talk, I asked you:

What year was C.W. Leadbeater born? 
Was he born 1847 or 1854??

You replied:

"I really don't know, Daniel, as I have no
means to ascertain it. Dr Tillet's comments are
quite extensive, of course. Personally, on
this matter I tend to agree with the opinion
of the late Dr Hugh Shearman. I know a number
of cases of people in Brazil, for example,
who had their births registered much after
the actual date of birth. Apparently, this
happens in other countries in the world as well."

Pedro, it would appear that the above
statement of yours is your "argument" for somehow
casting doubt on the reliability of the Feb.
16, 1854 date.

You state you have "no means to ascertain" what
year Leadbeater was born.

I present below a summary of the historical facts/records that 
Gregory Tillett has presented in his book and on this forum 
(including his latest posting from earlier today):

(1) British marriage records indicate that Leadbeater's parents were 
married on May 26, 1853.

(2) Leadbeater's own birth record indicates that he was born on 
February 16, 1854. 

[NOTE: Connecting the facts presented in (1) and (2), one can see 
that Leadbeater was born about 9 months after his parents were 
married. Not surprising in light of known facts about human 

(3) Leadbeater's mother gave his age [confirming the 1854 birthdate] 
when registering her husband's death.

(4) In the Anglican diocesan records, Leadbeater gave his birth date 
[1854] on his application for ordination in the Church of England

(5) In the census return submitted by Leadbeater in 1881, he stated 
as Head of the Household that his age was 27 (i.e. born in 1854),

I would suggest that these FIVE historical records give us THE MEANS 
to ascertain what year Leadbeater was born.

It is possible that one record might contain some kind of error but 
to suggest or maintain that 5 SEPARATE records are ALL wrong, 
INCLUDING records completed by Leadbeater and his mother, is 
certainly not a rational hypothesis.

Pedro, in light of the above records, do you still maintain that you 
really don't know what year Leadbeater was born and FURTHERMORE that 
you have no means to ascertain the year of his birth?

Are you now willing to concede in light of the above 5 historical 
records that C.W. Leadbeater was born in 1854?


"There is no belief higher than truth."


"There is no truth higher than my belief."

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