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Prothero has had a change of heart-- fascinating read

Sep 08, 2004 02:58 PM
by kpauljohnson

Incredibly, when I was googling the terms "bracketing" and "religious
studies" I came upon this recent, well-written, and provocative
article by none other than Stephen Prothero:

which evoked these four reactions:

another valuable link on religious studies and bracketing issues is here:

Think I will write Prothero and explore these issues as related to
Theosophical history and our very different experiences dealing with
the Adyar TS. We exchanged emails after his Religious Studies Review
article about the mid-90s books on HPB (in which he ranked Carlson and
Godwin as more reliable than I, Washington and Cranston less so.) 
Strikes me as a very honorable and approachable scholar.

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