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Re: Theos-World School No. 1, Beslan

Sep 08, 2004 09:05 AM
by Bart Lidofsky

leonmaurer@a... wrote:
"Terrorism," as it appears today, is a political and social problem that theosophy, which doesn't interfere in social or political action, can have no practical solution...
The Theosophical Society should not get active in politics, except as a conduit for increasing understanding between opposing forces. That does not mean that individual Theosophists do not, or even should not, become active in making this a better world in which to live. There are three levels of terrorists; the leadership, the "middle management" and the foot soldiers. The leadership has a hunger for power, often to the level of fanaticism. The middle management is recruited from the weak who try to make themselves strong by weakening others rather than working on themselves. Finally, the foot soldiers come from those who have lost hope, and believe that, by destroying themselves, at least they can help those whom they have let down. The most extreme cases of this is the suicide bombers; the ranks are from people with no future and families to support, people under death sentence who are given a choice of a shameful death or a heroic one, or people without status in the society who can at least give status to their family.

Eliminate any one of the groups, and the other two become ineffective. The leadership and middle management levels can only be eliminated by separating them from their resources, either by imprisonment or death. But the foot soldiers can be eliminated if one can give them hope. There are too many people out there who find it easier to bring others down to their level than it is to make themselves stronger to eliminate the middle management; remove one, and there are two aching to take that one's place. This leaves the leadership and the foot soldiers. The more fanatics in the leadership, the harder they are to eliminate; those who have a hunger for power set things up so that they are very difficult to replace if eliminated. This leaves the foot soldiers. Eliminating them is difficult and undesirable; preferable is removing their motivation, and this can only be done by giving them hope. This cannot be done by simple giving of material things; that can have the opposite effect, by creating resentment, dependence, and an even greater sense of hopelessness. The ability for self-sufficiency is the only thing that can work, and is difficult to give.


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