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Re: Theos-World School No. 1, Beslan

Sep 08, 2004 06:29 AM
by adelasie

Dear Leon,

Do you find that each individual has a responsibility, according to 
his/her understanding and devotion, to manifest those principles of 
universal Brotherhood and altruism in his/her daily life, thereby 
increasing the quotient of such in the general equation?


On 8 Sep 2004 at 3:16, leonmaurer@a... wrote:

> "Terrorism," as it appears today, is a political and social problem
> that theosophy, which doesn't interfere in social or political action,
> can have no practical solution... Except, perhaps, to continue spread
> broadcasting the fundamental truths it teaches -- with the purpose of
> eventually changing the minds of all people, so that Universal
> Brotherhood and altruism in thought and deed becomes universally
> practiced, and reflected in the governments and societies of mankind
> everywhere. Then, there will be no further need for terrorism --
> which is used solely as a means to enforce change in social, economic
> and political systems that, through one means or another rooted in
> selfishness and greed, is oppressive to others. 
> Leon

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