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Letter 118

Sep 08, 2004 11:27 AM
by kpauljohnson

Letter 118 was dated May 22, 1878 and written to Hurrychund Chintamon
in Bombay. The original is unavailable but a copy made by Eleanor
Sidgwick is in the SPR archives at Cambridge University Library. 
Sidgwick paraphrases at times but mostly the letter seems to be
directly transcribed. HPB acknowledges Chintamon's last letter and
discusses the amalgamation of the TS and the Arya Samaj. She writes
that C.C. Massey, perhaps the most devoted member in England, is son
of an MP and a congenital mystic, adding "I feel perfectly sure, that
if Pundit Dayanand will write to him any request he will joyfully
comply." Here is the significant part of the letter:

C.C. Massey has for three years bravely defended theosophy, our
Society and selves. But what can we do? He hungers after truth, and
the sight of a fakir's phenomenon (however fanatical and idolatrous)
would make him do anything in the world. Another brave loyal heart is
Miss Emily Kislingbury, secretary, guiding spirit and in fact soul of
the B.N.A. of Spts (British National Association of Spiritualists.) 
She has courage enough to make herself a heroine, and her motives and
character are as pure as gold. But, like most women her emotional
nature calls for a proof to lean upon; and for lack of that (since we
all repudiate mediumship) she feels as though she would turn to the Xn
church for support… Here is a prize—or rather two—worth the having. 
This little woman gathers about her some of the first writers in
England, and is a power for good under wise direction. We want you to
secure her from her weaker self. Write to her in the name of the Arya
Samaj and to C.C. Massey (I send you both addresses) and in the name
of TRUTH save them both! A direct letter from India would fire the
zeal of both, for it is what they have been waiting and hoping for for
three years. They regard India as the land of mystery, wisdom and
*Spiritual Power*. My devotion, love and enthusiasm for India has
fired them both (for last year they have come both—C.C. Massey and
Emily Kislingbury—across the ocean to see me and lived with me) but
unfortunately I am but a white-faced IDIOT not a Hindu, what can I do
more! In the name of truth then and the great Unseen, Power, help me
to rescue both these enthusiasts either from Christianity—worse than
that—Catholicism, in which both are diving rapidly and give them work
to do— *real hard* work, for both are of the stuff that helps making
MARTYRS. Show this letter to our revered pundit—perhaps, he will
consent to help and advise me. The more mystery you can throw about
the communication the better and deeper impression it will make. If
it would not be deemed impertinent of me to suggest a form of a letter
I would propose the following:

Charles Carleton Massey Esq
Atheneaum Club—London
Dear Brother
The `Brothers' in India look to you to take the Presidency of the
British Theosophical Society of the Arya Samaj. Great consequences
may follow. After three years of expectation the WORD comes. Are you
ready? If so—act.'
(Here let the Pundit write his name in *Sanskrit characters* and date
it from wherever he likes.)

The letter to Miss Kislingbury should be worded:--
Emily Kislingbury, 38 Great Russell Street London
Dear Sister
Only the weak need a crutch. There is no primal truth in Earthly
writings outside the Vedas: all else is derivation. If you seek
consolation seek it there; if support it is there to be found (or
something to that effect—you know better what to say.) The reality of
the Word made Flesh is to be found in humanity—The highest avatar of
the Son. Have patience & work for your fellow creatures and you will
see Light in the East. A true Theosophist of the Arya Samaj will not
wait in vain.
(Follow again the pundits or any other signature in Sanskrit)

We know the mind to be worked upon and will guarantee results if
the Pundit kindly permits the letters to be written. Deeply as C C
Massey and Emily Kislingbury love us, good theosophists as they are,
nothing that we could do will *have such an effect* as these letters
from India. For the present, it will be far better that these two
should not know who addresses them. Later when the London branch is
actively working, we will put you in full communion. Do not think we
are resorting to childish method. Believe me, we know what is best
for these EX-Spiritualists—these half-born theosophists. There are
others, in different parts of Europe to whom after a little we will
ask you to address ourselves. (pp. 435-437)

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