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RE: Theos-World Re: No reply to Bill Meredith's Excellent Post

Sep 04, 2004 11:45 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

Sept 4 2004

Dear B

Thank you.

As far as I am concerned, I do not give much credence to what 2nd level or
3rd level students (like myself, please) write.  

I want to know what THEOSOPHY teaches.  

I want to know what HPB or Judge said.  

Do they agree?  

Do they tally and dove-tail with the basic and fundamentals of THEOSOPHY?
I don't need anyone to tell me what to believe.

I always have a revulsion for declamatory claims -- too much ego, too much

As I see it the path that THEOSOPHY opens for us all has been that of
questioning, and probing, and seeking to learn what is TRUE in the universal
and ultimate sense. 

Can we with our minds do this? The old book says: " The one consciousness
of each person is the Witness or Spectator of the actions and experiences of
every state we are in or pass through... The One Consciousness pierces up
and down through all the states and planes of Being and serves to uphold the
memory -- whether complete or incomplete -- of each state's experience." (
G. Notes p. 99.) -- "...the One Consciousness which, as differentiated in
man, is his Higher Self [ATMA] ." ... "Our consciousness is ONE and not
many, nor different from other consciousnesses." G N 98 

I try always to go to HPB and Judge who were in direct contact with the
Masters, and consult what they wrote on any subject. Hence, I then think it
over to see if it agrees with the general scope of THEOSOPHY. 

I have found that statements in line with THEOSOPHY, all agree and support
each other. There are no extremes or hanging bits, or contradictions. 

As I see it we are able to make such contacts as our natures permit.

The purer our nature and character (altruism, brotherhood in action, I mean)
the "higher" we will be able to remember the nightly contact between our
Lower mind intelligence and the HIGHER SELF -- the Atma (7th Principle).
{Please see what is said in "Transactions," pp. 63-67 ["Collected Works:
BLAVATSKY, 10 th Vol. pp. 249-252] on this confabulation, nightly, between
the embodied Self and the HIGHER SELF.}

By using the quotes of their writings, I try to efface myself, and avoid
giving my personal "opinions." 

Best wishes,


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From: Bee
Sent: Friday, September 03, 2004 2:14 PM
Subject: Re: Bill M Excellent Post

Hi Perry

Thank you for expressing your ideas so well.

I have come to a similar understanding after 30 odd years of studying
various spiritual ideas ending up in theosophy 14 years ago.

I think the inner yearning to KNOW is developed over previous lives and this
time around it is a matter of reminding oneself about the wisdom teaching
and also expanding one's consciousness to encompass more of the teachings
along the lines you expressed.

Also the ideas presented in the teachings of the Rounds & Races may not have
direct applicability but as these ideas simmer, an expanded, inner
consciousness grows and has a definite effect on how one deals with the
world around us. 

Thank you Dallas, for your post of a short time ago in this connection.

It is impossible to present occult ideas to minds that have not had the
background knowledge to incorporate them into, so incorrect assumptions


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